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    Spinster’s Gambit

    Spinster’s Gambit

    Miss Jacoline Holcombe believes herself much too old to marry. With nothing to lose, she abandons all propriety, dresses in men’s clothing and goes fencing with her brother. There, due to terrible luck and even worse planning, she meets the Duke of Aspen. Aspen is scarred over most of his body. He is accustomed to fending off the advances of fortune hunters and their mothers and has never known a woman to want anything more from him. Self-conscious and cynical, he generally avoids the company of women. Believing her a gentleman, he shows Jacoline the London a lady never sees. She does not know that her actions risk exposing her brother’s secret: an illegal male lover and a family hidden from the world. After Aspen discovers her lies and the house of cards begins to fall, Jacoline must beg the man she secretly loves to save her brother…

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