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Visiting ‘What Could Have Been’ with Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories Featuring Lily and Snape

For Harry Potter fans, a relationship fans love, hate, or love to hate is that of Lily and Snape. While they were friends in the Harry Potter realm, Snape always harbored a deeper seeded love for Lily – ‘even after all this time‘.

Snape wasn’t the easiest character in the Wizarding World to love, but that’s sort of why those who do care for him do so with such tenacity. They’ve seen something in his heart that he rarely let those around him see, a side to him that he didn’t always favor – but always existed. Some would say that part of that side had something to do with his care for Lily, it made him softer somehow.

Lily went on to marry and have a child with someone else – but Snape was still interwoven deeply into her story, even in her death. So today, we’re bringing you fanfiction stories that revolve around Snape and Lily – and the what if that comes along with them taking the road to romance.

Blessed by Innocence by JMilz

This is a snapshot into a day in the life of Lily and Snape, and a few moments in time that show that something deeper might be bubbling beneath the surface. Snape is in awe of Lily’s compassion, her softness – her innocence.

What Hurts the Most by Scriptie

This one-shot/song fic inspired by Rascal Flatts’ tune of the same name. Snape thinks of Lily, and sometimes the most heartwarming feelings are also the most painful.

Turning Time: Lily and Snape by Hermionecantsing

If Harry could go back in time and get answers…change the way some stories played out – would he do it? If so…would the changes be easy to make? Would the cards fall as they were destined to, or could he change the past for those he loves? This story is beautifully written, you’ll fall in love with it from the moment you start reading.

The Art of Forgetting by Scorpia710

Severus visits a certain boy on the same day every year – and all that boy wants in the world is someone who can love him. Will Snape ever be able to be ‘that person’ for him? If he does love the boy…could it be enough? Will he always be too painful a reminder for Snape?

La Douleur Exquise by DraculoraMalfoy11

We picked this story because, to be honest, sometimes things in life don’t always work out the way we’d hope, but they do work out for the best. Snape loves Lily, but their story isn’t meant to end in happily ever after. So what happens when they’re reunited…not in life, but in death?

Did we include a favorite of yours? Do you like fanfiction stories that highlight their bond or romance? Do you like stories that show that sometimes love just doesn’t work out? Let us know, below.

Visiting \'What Could Have Been\' with Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories Featuring Lily and Snape

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