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    5 Twilight Fanfics That Will Leave You Emotional

    Ever had one of those weeks (or months…or 2020s) that just make you need to dive into emotional book or work of fanfiction? Sometimes, when the daily stresses of life get to be a bit too much – we run to the fanfiction realm and find solace in stories of someone else life.

    Sometimes those emotions are overwhelmingly happy, sometimes ‘tooth rottingly’ sappy, and sometimes tear jerkingly heartbreaking. Sometimes, a story has all three elements that lead you on a journey with laughs, tears, and lots of love.

    As we’ve said before, when you find a story you love – it’s always such a treat to be able to live it again in a new way. Same characters but a different set of tribulations and victories. New characters in the halls of a school you love. There are a million and one ways to explore fanfiction, and that’s just for starters.

    This week, we’re sharing 5 stories with you that will make pull on your heartstrings. So get prepared to laugh, cry, and believe in love after reading these fanfiction stories this week.

    Coming Home by KitsuShel

    Sometimes falling in love feels a lot like coming home. Sometimes love doesn’t find you when you most expect it – sometimes it happens when you’ve traveled roads you never expected and all those big dreams have slowed down a little bit. Sometimes love happens in the quiet moments in between it all – and that kind of love is beautiful.

    Behind The Bars by RosieRathbone

    Edward Cullen is released from jail and needs to find work. When he sees work is available at Swan’s Stables, he immediately takes a chance. He’s got freedom and he’s willing to work, but for as much as Edward needs this job…Bella might need his spirit more. In this story of who really saves who, you’ll fall in love with both of their spirits.

    The Locket by MandyLeigh87

    When two hearts are meant to find one another, nothing can keep them apart – even if it seems like the odds are stacked against them. How can odds be stacked against what seems fated to belong together? This story shows both sides of the coin. The road to love is’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

    Permanent Impressions by aspire2write

    Edward Cullen is a doctor, Bella is an aunt with a very sick niece, Livi. When Edward finds a trial that could cure her cancer, Bella joins her Brother Jasper for the road no one wishes to travel. Edward carries his patients with him – long after their journeys come to an end – but this time he’s carrying someone extra along with him too – and maybe she’ll be the one healing a part of him he didn’t know was broken.

    Star-Shaped Heart by Honeybeemeadows

    Bella has lived through heartache after heartache – and they’ve all left her a bit hardened. Bella is what Alice calls jaded – she’s struggling, or maybe she was. This, this is existing now and Bella has found out how to do it all on her own – so what happens when life has other plans, what happens when all the pain of the past might bring her to the love she never dreamed would be hers?

    Did we include a Twilight fanfic you hadn’t read yet? Which one of these was your favorite? Let us know!

    5 Twilight Fanfics That Will Leave You Emotional

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