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    6 Of The Best Twilight Fanfics We’re Reading This Week

    If you’re anything like us, after a long day – you just want to put on some comfy clothes, grab a glass of wine, and dive into a wonderfully written but not too lengthy fanfiction. There are definitely times we want to start novella-length fics, but lately, one-shots have been our go-to. We can get love stories, sad stories, ‘lemons’, and mysteries and go to bed feeling like we’ve taken a short vacation to another realm.

    Some of our favorite things about one-shots are how many ‘alternate’ universes we can visit in one day. You can read about Edward and Bella in the Twilight realm we know and love or you could read about Alice and Jacob falling in love during a high school event where the bad boy falls in love with the girl next door.

    So today, we’re sharing some of our favorite stories we read this week with you, and we hope you love them as much as we did.

    Every Version of Me by beautlilies

    This smutty one-shot features Jasper and Alice in all of the ways they exist together – in all of the secrets they share with one another. It’s poetic, beautiful, it’s sultry, it’s the fic you didn’t know you needed.

    The Bookstore by hikingurl

    When Bella goes into a bookstore one night, she can’t be prepared for the impact it will have on her life. Will Bella and a charming cat play a hand at helping her to live her dream – or is it all…just a dream?

    Struck By You, Emmett by TheQueenWriter

    Rosalie and Emmett walked away from each other long ago…or…one of them did. When they reunite in an unexpected time and place, will they rekindle what they once had, or is it too late for their love story?

    Her P’s and Q’s by chartwilightmom

    Bella is a CEO with determination to break through the glass ceiling and she’s not going to let anything stand in her way. So what happens when she meets one…Edward Cullen? Is there room in her heart for business and pleasure?

    My Little Santa by SoulsOnFire

    When Edward ‘agrees’ to take part in his workplace Secret Santa gift exchange, he’s happy to pick a basic gift and tell whoever is doomed to be gifting him to pick him up something simple and be done with it. When it comes to Christmas Cheer, he’s got none. Will this year be the one that changes everything?

    Going Down With My Wings On Fire by allicekitty13

    In a realm where demons and angels are forbidden to find romance…Jasper and Alice can’t quite determine if the punishment is scary enough to keep avoiding their feelings. When they’ve got someone who picks up on what exists between them – and encourages it, will they act on desire?

    Have you read any of these fics before now? Do you have a new favorite to read at the end of a busy day? Let us know!

    6 Of The Best Twilight Fanfics We\'re Reading This Week

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