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    5 Tantalizing Alice and Bella Fanfiction Stories to Read This Week

    When we first read Twilight, it was easy to see why we were so easily drawn to the Cullens. Aside from the fact that they were all imagined to be easy on the eyes, they had traits and habits that made them each unique and almost mesmerizing. While we adored them all, we felt especially drawn to Alice and her almost pixie-like way of existing. There was something special about the family – something otherworldly.

    Edward explains this very appeal to Bella. They’re supposed to draw humans in – everything about them is almost intoxicating. You want to befriend them, yes…vampires and all…and even when they are meant to seem cold (no pun intended), there is something inviting about them.

    With Alice, it was her spirit that seemed to ground the Cullens, and bring Bella some ease when she was first working her way into their world. For some, their friendship was a beautiful sentiment. For others, the fanfiction realm allows that friendship to become more.

    So today, we’re sharing a few fanfiction stories with you where Alice and Bella take that leap from friendship to romance.

    And I Keep Bleeding by xPaige Turnerx

    Bella doesn’t ask for much, in fact, she doesn’t ask for anything. That doesn’t stop her from dreaming though – and when she’s dreaming, it’s usually of a beautiful pixie girl who stole her heart. Will Bella ever ask Alice for everything she wants, will those dreams ever be tangible for Bella?

    Winter Embrace by Hollow Pages

    Alice, Bella’s girlfriend, is aware that her vampire lover isn’t a big fan of the holidays. She’s also aware that she really wants to change that for her. Will this be the year Bella finds the beauty in Christmas? Will Alice be what’s been missing all along?

    Flume by Morphy

    When Bella loses her mother, she wants to move far away from the painful memories. In losing her, she’s lost a part of herself and she’s not in a hurry to fill the void. She once loved competitive swimming, but she’s not jumping back in the water any time soon – so why won’t the people around her let her give it up? Will she regain her love for the sport…and love for someone new along the way?

    will you teach me your love? by riantraccoon

    When Bella wakes up in a hospital bed after being attacked by James, her memories are gone. As her body begins to heal, her memories don’t return – what she does have, however, is a beautiful woman helping her regain her strength. Will she not only help heal Bella, but awaken a part of her heart?

    Hunter/Hunted by JoanofSnark16

    In a world full of mythical creatures, Bella is a hunter. Her mission is to take down a werewolf pack – easy enough…right? Unfortunately, Bella is wounded and the risk of her turning is too high – she must be killed. Well, not everyone agrees with death being her only answer. What happens when she awakens and is no longer the same person she was before? What happens when she becomes something she’s been trained to hate?

    Have you ever considered the bond between them to be more than romantic? What are your favorite fanfiction stories where they fall in love? Let us know.

    5 Tantalizing Alice and Bella Fanfiction Stories to Read This Week

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