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    Start 2021 Off Right With 5 Great Twilight Fanfiction Stories

    Did you ring in the new year with a quiet night in? Did you read great fanfiction or watch some of your favorite films and television shows? If you did, it sounds like you spent your NYE a lot like we did.

    With a global pandemic still raging, and the hope to enter into 2021 quietly without messing anything up, we opted for a simple way to ring in the new year. Of course, no major event (or…let’s be honest – any day at all) is right without fanfiction as far as we’re concerned.

    So when we think about the new year, we’re thinking about great fanfiction to kick it off with! We’re not HUGE on resolutions here at FFR, but we do believe in taking steps to improve our lives throughout the year.

    This year, one of the steps we’re taking is to read more fanfiction!

    We want to be inspired, we want to travel to far off worlds without ever leaving the comfort of our homes, and we want to read about our favorite characters in a new light.

    So this month, we’re sharing some of our favorite Twilight fanfiction stories with you! We hope you’ll enjoy them as you soak in the new year.

    If Every Word I Said Could Make You Laugh by caramelinagunn

    We have to admit, the title of this one alone grabbed our attention and took us to a Full House moment – and we’re so glad it did. If you’re looking for a coming of age type fanfiction – this is a story for you. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’ll bring you back to first loves, heartaches, and all of the moments in between.

    Up To Speed by ericastwlight

    Edward is a race-car driver and he’s got it all. When you’re talented, charming, and on top of your game – nothing could go wrong….right? When an accident occurs, he finds himself racing against time to get back on the track. Will Bella, an engineer, be exactly what his team needs? Could she also be what his heart has been longing for?

    Withering The Ferns by AngstGoddess003

    This fic is a reminder that everything isn’t always what it seems, and that we shouldn’t judge a book by the cover. Edward is the ‘bad boy’ type…definitely not the boy next door. Bella is the pretty rich girl – and their paths are about to cross in an unexpected way. This fic deals with some topics not all readers may love – so the author lists warnings we recommend paying attention to before diving in. We will say, that it’s sure to grip you if you start reading, and it’s got a great message.

    The Lighthouse by Annual

    This fic is based around a song by the same title, and the author takes creative freedom to form her own story with the inspiration. When a stormy night brings with it an attack on a small town, some of our favorite vampires are struggling to find a safe place to wait it out. Turns out, the lighthouse they find shelter in, may not truly offer much protection.

    Where You Want To Be by emilie whoa 

    Do you miss traveling while we’re in the middle of this global pandemic? Reading this story might, at first, remind you that it’s not always sunshine and rainbows when you’re trying to get to somewhere else. Our characters are stuck in an airport because of a blizzard, and that immediately leads to frustration. However, they soon find beauty in the experience.

    Did we include a fic you’ve read and loved before? Any new stories you plan to add to your list of favorites? Let us know!

    Start 2021 Off Right With 5 Great Twilight Fanfiction Stories

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