Sherlock 5 + 1 Fics

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Sherlock 5 + 1 Fics Fanfic Recommendations

5+1 fics are a story structure invented by and almost exclusive to the fanfiction community. It is often arranged as “Five things that do something and One thing that does the opposite”. So, “Five Things I taught my brother and One thing he taught me” or “Five times Sherlock went to Soviet Russia and one time Soviet Russia came to him”. That’s it. This story structure works well to jump through time, show the development in a relationship or person, and set up structured jokes. These fics can be romances, character studies, action fics, mystery stories, AUs and more. They’re incredibly varied and though they’re usually short stories, we even found some novels! Happy Reading! P.S. Check out our Slowburn Johnlock Rec list!

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