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    6 Seductive Twilight Fanfics to Read This Week

    When it comes to fanfiction, we love all genres. We love to sit with a good story and laugh or cry. We love to fall and feel for the characters, and we love to go on journeys with them. We also enjoy reading mature fanfiction – especially in settings that are already tantalizing. In fact, part of the allure of the vampire realm is how sexy it all seems. It’s a little mysterious and dark, a little brooding and dangerous, and a lot dripping in … sensuality. Did you think we were going to say blood with that last one? Can’t be too predictable now, can we?

    Back to the reason for this blog post – vampire smut! Now, we don’t exactly recommend dangerous sex, but if you know what you’re doing – a little risk can be fun. For instance, think of Bella and Edward on their honeymoon. Bella was hell-bent on celebrating their marriage as any other couple would. So hell-bent, that she was willing to risk her life. Some call that love, others primal desire, some would even call it stupidity. Whatever you’d call it, they broke a bed in the throws of passion so Bella wasn’t exactly complaining.

    That being said, fans of Twilight are no strangers to smut in the vampy universe. While they didn’t all break beds in the text or film, you could tell the chemistry between the couples was red-hot. The fanfiction realm allows authors and readers to explore the dynamic in new ways!

    So today, we’re sharing some smutty Twilight fanfiction stories with you. So sit back with a glass of wine, and enjoy!

    Making Love Out Of Nothing At All by ashel-13

    Bella met Edward years ago and she fell in love with him immediately. He didn’t exactly reciprocate those feelings, seeing Bella as more of a friend. That may have been tolerable for her before, but this summer – she’s changing the game. She’s planning to live out her dreams and Edward is in all of them.

    Sweet Dreams, Love by bevcannon672

    When Edward walks in on Bella having a…tantalizing dream, he’s stopped in his tracks. He’s had dreams of his own, so knowing he’s not alone in his thoughts is the sweetest kind of torture. When she wakes up and realizes she’s not alone – will she welcome the invasion of privacy?

    Lemon Meringue by my1alias

    This is a Bella/Alice smut-filled fic – or at least – that’s the way it starts off. When Alice helps Bella pick out a special costume for Edward, they find themselves in a compromising position – turns out, they’re both pretty happy to be there. Oh, and they aren’t the only ones.

    Pulled Over by Edward’s Eternal

    When Bella gets pulled over by an officer after some…pretty reckless driving…it almost seems like she was hoping to get stopped. Was she simply in the mood to bend and break the rules, or is there an ulterior motive for her law breaking?

    Playing with Fire by Zoya Zalan

    When Bella wants to dance with Carlisle, there’s a little something bubbling under the surface. For a moment, they think they’re alone in their desires – but it’s soon discovered that they want the same thing. The only problem is…their desires are quite taboo.

    The Dark Whisper Continued by In Treatment for OCD

    When Alice is worried about her best friend, Bella, and some…extracurricular activities she’s taking part in, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She’s going to save Bella from herself…or – that was the plan. When Alice walks into the exclusive club Bella’s been attending, she finds herself in for the ride of her life.

    Did you enjoy these sensual Twilight fanfiction stories? Are you a fan of lemons in the fanfiction realm? Let us know!

    6 Seductive Twilight Fanfics to Read This Week

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