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    6 Romantic Twilight Fanfics for Jacob and Bella Shippers

    As a fan of Twilight, chances are, you’ve been asked one very important question time and time again. Are you team Edward or Team Jacob? From t-shirts and bracelets to hashtags on social media – you’re either with the vampires or the werewolves. While Edward and Bella ended up with the happily ever after, in Twilight, fans can’t deny that something important existed between Jacob and Bella.

    Of course, as the story progressed, fans found out what that ‘something’ was – and it was truly a muli-level story. They were there for one another during their brightest and darkest moments, there was all that unrequited love in the middle, and in the end, Jacob ended up imprinting on Bella and Edward’s baby – which caused quite a bit of strife for a moment in time.

    So…that’s that, right? Well, the ‘what if’ of the Twilight realm is this – what if Jacob ended up stealing Bella’s heart? What if the werewolf was part of that whole lion and lamb equation? In the fanfiction realm, that idea comes to life in a multitude of ways.

    So today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite Bella and Jacob one-shots with you.

    Indian Summer by absurdvampmuse

    This one shot is described, by the author, as feverish and we have to say we agree. It captures the feeling of that small fire that starts when you desire someone. Bella and Jacob spend the day together doing something completely mundane, but when a situation arises, things get a little physical. No true adult content here, just a little making out – but it seems to do the trick for both of them.

    The Pact by Void_senpai

    This is the perfect story for romance movie fans, it’s the age old tale we’ve all either thought about proposing to a friend of our own, or read/watched in our lives. What happens when friends promise to marry each other if they’re both single at age 30? For most…nothing at all, but will the story be something magical when Bella returns home and sees that Jake…all grown up…could be everything she’s ever needed?

    Alone With You by NicciCrowe

    This one-shot is a follow up of the author’s re-write of New Moon where Jacob and Bella are the ones who end up together. So at the start of this, where most might anticipate Edward coming to her window, it’s Jacob and things get…very steamy very quickly. There’s obviously some adult content in this fic, and it also brings things full circle for Bella. It’s a great read if you’re a fan of the couple and wish they’d shared more than a kiss in the Twilight realm!

    Time Won’t Let Me Go by EMHW_Bear

    Warning – this fic says it’s completed, but there’s an AN at the end that states that the last chapter is actually split up and has yet to be posted. There’s an emotional pull to the story and once it’s over, it’s over. So if you don’t want to read up to – just before the end of the story – we recommend checking again in a month or so to see if it’s been updated.

    That being said – this story all human – but Bella and Jacob stay true to the characters we already know and love – of course with differences to fit the story. Jacob Black loves boxing and Bella, and as the story progresses through the awkward teenage years and into the beauty that becoming an adult can bring – we see their love grow in ways that can resonate with a lot of readers. They each experience pain, they push each other away and run to each other for help, and they grow through it all. It’s a truly lovely read.

    Three Ways Jake and Bells Could Have Happened by Literature Rogue

    This story, or these snippets of a story, show three ways Jacob and Bella could have ended up together in the end. It’s a look at the romance so many wanted to happen in the Twilight realm, and a sweet one at that. The author writes with incredible characterization while putting her own spin on the characters and the story, and it’s not something you’ll want to put down once you start reading.

    Firelight by exquisitelyugly

    In this story, a wild Bella is drawn to Jacob Black and the summer looks as if it could give them their every great desire. However, something changes and the two are forced to part. What happens if circumstances bring them back together – will the fire still exist between them?

    Did we share a favorite Bella and Jacob story of yours? Did you stumble upon a new one that you love? Let us know!

    6 Romantic Twilight Fanfics for Jacob and Bella Shippers

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