Course Features

Our writing course includes the following:

  • Over 10 hours of high-quality content

    Frankly, we could talk about writing until the sun explodes – but we’ll condense that. For 10 hours we’ll break down how the best fanfiction authors made you laugh, cheer, and cry – and how to do it to them. We’ll run down how to turn a vague concept into a list of scenes, into a fleshed out story, into something a stranger can live and breathe.

  • Lessons Devoted To Writing Tropes and Using Them

    Don’t have a fanfiction idea but want one? We’ll guide you through picking a writing prompt. Got an idea but don’t know where to start? We’ll help you uncover what readers are expecting from the writing tropes you’re using.

  • Interactive exercises & worksheets

    Don’t just listen to us jabber! It’s our goal that at every moment that you’re writing, you know what you’re trying to achieve, what skills it requires, and how to improve when you get stuck. To that end, we’ll give you guided exercises and worksheets to help you practice specific skills and apply them to your own fics, so that you always know what you’re learning, why you’re learning it, and how to get started doing it on your own.

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