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Spinster’s Gambit

Miss Jacoline Holcombe believes herself much too old to marry. With nothing to lose, she abandons all propriety, dresses in men’s clothing and goes fencing with her brother. There, due to terrible luck and even worse planning, she meets the Duke of Aspen


Heart of the Porcupine

Guilt-stricken and broken after Sherlock’s suicide, John lives the life of a subsistence hunter, isolated in the frozen tundra of remote Alaska. Sherlock returns to his grieving friend and attempts to determine what he so badly miscalculated. John was supposed to grieve and heal and marry. John was always the stronger of the two of them, after all.


Words of One Syllable

The landmine at Baskerville leaves Sherlock deafened. Sherlock teaches John to sign by finally learning to talk to him, while everyone asks why John is willing to do so much for the man.


At a Loss

Sequel to ‘Words of One Syllable’. After the events of the Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock and John go about solving the Moriarty dilemma in vastly different ways. Meanwhile Sherlock tries to win back John’s trust without alerting the world that he’s alive.