Sherlock Mystrade Slowburns

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Sherlock Mystrade Slowburns Fanfic Recommendations

This week we're doing Slowburn Mystrades! We already did Slowburn Johnlocks, now we're turning our eyes to a new 'ship. To catch you up, "slowburn" is a fanfic term that refers primarily to pacing. The fics are, in a word, slow - they take their time, there's often a lot of exposition, and exploration of character's motivations, emotions, and development. The term is also used almost exclusively to talk about romances - these are romances that take their time and let you experience each moment as it happens. And, of course, this week we're doing Mystrade - Mycroft and Lestrade's romantic pairing. If you've never read Mystrades before, prepare to be pleasantly surprised: this is a 'ship that takes on Mycroft's incredible powertrips coupled with his self-consciousness and weight issues and Greg Lestrade's recovery from a divorce-ridden, disappointed midlife crisis, brought together by a mutual love of Sherlock and dedication to their work. In Slowburn Mystrades you can watch Mycroft and Lestrade fall for each other in stories written to take their time and show you every moment. Happy 'Shipping!

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