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    5 Mysterious Twilight Fanfics to Get Lost in This Week

    Who loves a good mystery story? We know we do, and it’s even better when we find a great one in the fanfiction realm. We love crime stories and podcasts that tell stories of the truly mysterious and mysteries that exist just beyond ‘reality’. We also love finding beloved characters in the heart of a mystery or determined to solve one.

    In the fanfiction stories we’re reading this week, mystery is sprinkled all through them. Some of the mystery is murderous, some of it is spine-tingling, and some of it is magical. With the Twilight realm already full of ‘otherworldly’ inhabitants and mysterious stories handed down from older generations – these stories have the perfect backdrop.

    So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s share of mysterious fanfiction!

    Who Killed Bella Swan? by FrankieQuinn13

    No one expected to find Bella Swan dead on the night of her engagement party. Or…maybe no one except the person responsible for her death. There are 12 people in a room with her dead body, and they don’t all seem upset about the loss. Will it be easy to discover who’s responsible for her death, or is it a twisted story of mystery and murder?

    His Inner Torment by KellanCougar

    Edward is stuck in a realm of non-existence. He remembers nothing of who he was, he knows not of what he could be. He lives day in and day out with nothing of his own – so he begins getting lost reading auras of those around him. What happens when he finds someone he can’t easily read…could the reason for finding them be more than he could have ever imagined?

    Scream Queen by likewhitesmoke

    Bella has dreamed of being an actress for all her life, so when she finally gets her big break – it’s the start of everything. At least, it should be. What really happens next is a terrifying series of events that leaves her wondering if fame is truly worth the price of her sanity – and safety. Will a mystery stalker change her life forever, or will Bella and the one who led her to success come together to fight the darkness?

    Mysterious Graffiti by MichaelMas54

    This story sees Edward with a heaviness on his heart that only he can understand. When he comes to ‘see’ that there is something terrible erupting in the future, how will he convince those around him to escape from harms way? The truth is…he can’t – so what next? Does he allow this tragedy to occur, or does he try to stop it and risk his own livelihood?

    Everyday Magic by TheFicChick

    Some people live life believing that there’s magic to be found everywhere – others live as if magic doesn’t exist at all. In the little town of Birch Hollow, the residents are familiar with magic of both kinds – so what happens when Edward revisits his hometown and sees the magic in a new light?

    Did you like these mysterious stories? Do you like your mystery all doom and gloom or do you like magic sprinkled in, too? Let us know!

    5 Mysterious Twilight Fanfics to Get Lost in This Week

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