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    5 Must Read Edward and Bella Fanfiction Stories for Twilight Fans

    When Midnight Sun was released just months ago, it seemed like a welcome break to the sometimes dreadful hand that 2020 continues dealing. The Twilight saga was a phenomenon, there’s no doubt about that. Behind the fanfare stood a die-hard fandom that seemed to live and breathe the epic story of vampires and werewolves. One of the main draws of the twisted tale? The love story between Edward and Bella.

    The two got their own kind of happily ever after in the Twilight universe, and while we often read fanfiction that tells a bit different of a story than what we’re already used to – we can’t help but love seeing them together in the fanfiction realm, too.

    So today, we’ve put together a list of must-read fanfiction for the Twilight fan who still loves seeing Edward and Bella as end-game.

    Watching The Sky Turn by chrometurtle

    We’re kicking this list off with something not so ‘happily ever after’. When a tragedy occurs, Edward is left to pick up the pieces, but it’s not an easy path to take. Dealing with physical and emotional scars – he’s not sure what life looks like now. When his mom sends him to speak to someone, we get a look into their love story and it’s both beautiful and painful.

    Twilight Collision by yrrahjen

    With many callbacks to the Twilight we know and love, this fanfic is going to take you right back to Forks – almost like it’s the first time again, except the heart of this story is quite different. A big takeaway is that the shy and sometimes ‘stumbles over herself’ Bella is more…confident – sure of herself…and maybe something otherworldly – quite literally. When the Cullen’s are out playing baseball, something seemingly falls to Earth – what happens next is something no one could have expected.

    The Blessing and The Curse by The Black Arrow

    Bella thinks falling in love with Edward she’s fulfilling a dying wish, but the problem with that is thinking she has a choice at all. Love happens, whether you’re trying to avoid it like the plague or not. So pretending to fall for a man who can read your mind? Well…somewhere along the line there’s going to be a grey area. So what happens then? Will Bella resist Edward’s charm, will he show her that his love can be beautiful?

    Blindsided by theladyingrey42

    When Bella cringes as she heads to co-ed gym on Friday, she couldn’t possibly be anticipating what that class will bring into her life. Edward was a middle of the year transfer and for as socially awkward as Bella felt, Edward suffered with it more. So when a game of dodgeball leads to a rude gesture and a bonding moment between the two – could that lead to something more?

    What Are The Odds? by missus_T

    When an offhanded comment/joke means Edward Cullen is TV’s newest Bachelor, the world tunes in to watch him find love – but he’s not so sure it’ll work out. Follow his story through drama and romance to find out if love is truly on the horizon or if the dating show brings him too many women interested for the wrong reasons.

    Did we include your favorite Edward and Bella fanfiction? What type of Twilight fanfiction do you most enjoy? Let us know.

    5 Must Read Edward and Bella Fanfiction Stories for Twilight Fans

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