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Marvel Fanfiction Recommendations:

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Fanfiction Recommendations

Chief Editor: Gwendolynn Thomas is a professionally published author who got her start in Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Marvel fanfiction and could never stop coming back.Marketing Direction: Ronnie Deaver is an experience marketing professional with a love of fanfiction, community, and startups.

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2 thoughts on “Marvel Fanfiction Recommendations:”

  1. some of my favorites:

    ‘eighty per cent’ by whowhotellsyourstory (marvel- endgame fix it, first part of a series)

    ‘a day in the life’ by killerqueenwrites (Ned and Peter become bloggers w Avengers)

    ‘For the Next Tony Stark (I’m Here For You) – seekrest (post Endgame , Tony leaves Peter a gift)

    ‘by the river potomac i say down and wept’ by peterstank (Stucky throughout years and Bucky has LOVE LETTERS)

    ‘dramamine’ by softdadironman (first part of a series, in which May sadly dies and Peter lives with Avengers)

    ‘There’s So Much That You Want (You Deserve Much More Than This) by orpahan_account (high school- 80’s AU, friends with benefits Stucky and everyone knows but Stucky thinks they’re keeping a secret, especially from Peggy)

    ‘Brooklyn’ by togina (STUCKY FLUFF)

    ‘Paper Trees’ (Stucky- christmas fic , Steve has to tell Bucky he loves him before the 25th)

    ‘The artist and his coffee shop muse’ by Little_Lottie (tfwatson) (Stucky- coffee shop!AU, Steve needs to learn how to read name tags)

    ‘with all my skin and bone’ by unicornpoe (Stucky- fake marriage!AU, they hate each other but no one believes them lol— this authors stuff is so GOOD)

  2. I enjoy Reviving Peter Parker by YellowDistress, Lost and Forgotten by Litcraz, and Inevitable by Annie Walker. Those are my favorite marvel fanfictions.