(Beta) Harry Potter

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(Beta) Harry Potter Fanfic Recommendations

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391 thoughts on “(Beta) Harry Potter”

  1. I would like to recommend and to see some Tom riddle/Harry potter fan fiction here cause I love that slash and another thing is if it possible to have reader inserts or the likes in here. By the way I love this site and the stories.

  2. I will like recommend anything written by MsKingBean89. He has this absolutely amazing series about the Marauders, and it’s really of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. It’s called “All The Young Dudes”, is from Remus PoV, and the characters insight is completely mind blowing.

  3. Are you planning to extend the searchable character list at all? I’ve compiled a list of fabulous fic that’s mostly centered on my OTC, Minerva McGonagall, and I’d love to rec some of them here.

    1. Technically, all of our rec lists are “living” documents that we hope to continuously expand upon over time, but as you can imagine, its a balancing game between adding new fandoms and diving deeper into ones we’re already in :). That said, we always want more fic recs!! – Ronnie

  4. What about Se’elvor’s (?) “Indifference and Neglect” on a rapid-shrinking FanfictionAuthors.net? I’d like to see it somewhere else.

  5. Will there be Harry/Hermione relationship on this site later?
    As far as I know, there were quite a number of Harry/Hermione fics recommendations.

  6. Calista Snape series by Arinus.
    This is an amazing complex work, where Snape has a daughter but somehow still retains his original character traits but gives such a in depth portrayal into PTSD and recovering from trauma. Its a beautiful story and the main character is definitely not a Mary Sue. I am desperately waiting for the author to update her last instalment and searching for stories as good as this one. A must read

  7. Are there any good Regulus Black fics? I’ve probably drained all of them, but if anyone has any I’d be much obliged. Thanks in advance!

  8. Can I recommend: Wanderer by @moonysfrexckles on Quotev? It’s a Dramione story, and it’s really good. Not completed, but the updates are every few weeks

  9. I definitely recommend anything by KMBell92, she has crafted her owm fan universe out of the potterverse and is constantly adding and changing things. She’s and amazing writer and has so many amazing stories. Battle Scars, Imagine Dragons, Hit Witch ( an Avengers-Potter crossover) and Acrimony are my favorites. Though all of her stories are amazingly special.

  10. My absolute favourite fanfiction of all time is Looks can be deceiving by corvusdraconis- It’s a Hermione centric AU fic where Snape took her on as an apprentice in her second year, and it changes her life and the life of everyone around them. It is one of the best written fics that I have found and the ending is the closest i have ever come to cryuign at a fanfic, just because you get so involved in that version of the characters. I think I almost prefer that universe to the cannon one.


  11. Of Lies, Deceit, and Hidden Personas by Jessikaa15 on FFN is FANTASTIC. it’s a dark!trio with manipulative!dumbledore and sane!voldemort. it’s hplv and it’s currently ongoing at 52 chapters. i love all of the characters characterizations and has just the right amount of everything in there. it has friendship, love, humor, angst, drama, and history!! it does a fantastic job of making the characters all human and not super super overpowered gods. the only warning for this fic would be that it has a lot of smut but u can always skip over it.

  12. I’ve got a few, and I prefer action and romance that have been combined well. However I’ll leave my two favorites here.

    Eclipse of the Sky by firefawn – This is on fanfiction.net and on harrypotterfanfiction but she hasnt updated it on hpff since the site closed and reopened. The fanfiction.net site ia updated but this is the best fanfiction I’ve ever read. I admit it was a bit hard to get into (the first few chapters the writer is apparently rewriting) but after that hot dog it is an insane, emotional rollercoaster that will have you hooked and screaming at your cell phone on your lunch break over what just happened while your coworkers ask if you are alright. (True story.) Voldemort starts experimenting with different magical species to get the powers of all, and unleashes a plague on the Muggle world to get rid of all the Muggles. It zombifies them and turns into a hot mess for the Order to tackle. This is all going on while Voldemort and Death Eaters attack wizards and the Order tries to hunt for horcruxes. It has a great spin on horcruxes too. I recommend liquor if you’re of age while reading as you WILL get stressed out (in a great way of course). The interactions between the OC Kally and Harry are some of the best around.

    Everything About You by njhill22 – This is on fanfiction.net and is a hilarious story in which Harry basically begs for death at Voldemort’s hands upon realizing he loves Pansy Parkinson. I laughed until I cried. The writer has a talent for sarcasm and captures that aspect of Harry’s personality so well. Just do yourself a favor and go read it – it is amazing.

  13. Of course, if we really talk about a love fair that didn’t happen and maybe should have happened. Harry and Hermine did spend a LOT of time in each other’s close company.

    And maybe without the all of the Death Eaters, Lord Voldemort and if life would have been so-called normal, they might have gotten married.

  14. All of dirgewithoutmusic’s work actually! They really make you think, and it shows amazing views, while still being loyal to the plot. Please read them!

  15. “Nine Nights of Dancing” and “Swift Death” by Jayna

    The former is a great fanfiction that realistically explores the Battle of Hogwarts PTSD, and also gives great insights into Indian culture.

    The latter provides more depth to the character of Ginny Weasley, who really wasn’t explored all that much in the series.

    1. Ooh we love both of those things! Ginny leaves so much room for interpretation, she’s fabulous to work with. Especially ’cause she’s usually depicted as a distinctly strong woman.

      Thanks for the recs!

  16. ‘Apple Pies and Other Amends’ by ToEatAPeach is not only one of the best dramione I’ve read but also a realistic post-war recovery story

  17. “Let Me Love You (Draco Fanfic) Changed**” Its a Draco × Reader. Its still being updated but there are still some chapters up now. Its on Wattpad

  18. I’d like to rec “Twist of Fate” it’s a drarry, very long. Harry is Obliviated by Draco in his sixth year, loosing memory of romance and friendship,. It’s sad it’s touching and it feels very real.

  19. My favorite is probably “The Much Better Dursleys can f*** off, slytherins are people too AU” by Des98. I know the title is really long I know, but you can also just look up
    “The Chamber of Secrets and Half the Adults Are Idiots” which is the first one.

  20. If i may, I would like to make a suggestion for HPFF. It would be a great help if you guys could have a dark background theme for the screen with the text in other colours, along with the existing font. HPFT has this feature where you can change the theme of the screen, which is easier on the eyes, depending on the light conditions in which we are reading.

    Also, I would like to recommend Eclipse of the sky by firefawn. It is available on fanfiction.net and HPFF, and it is an incredible read.

    Thanks, guys!

  21. I’ve got 2 beautifully written Harry Potter books for everyone to read. They’re not mature books or anything like that. They’re appropriate. They are all on Quotev, by the way.
    #1: The Boy Who Loved—Magnolia Night is the most powerful witch her age, and it comes with some downsides, but Harry might be the one to save her from her own destruction.

    #2: Another Granger—Melissa Granger, the twin of Hermione Granger, is a muggleborn seer, but she can’t (or won’t) foresee her future in Hogwarts.

  22. I’m not sure if this fanfic is on your list, but I’d like to recommend “Isolation” by Bex-chan from fanfiction.net. It’s the best Dramione fanfic i’ve ever read.

  23. If you’d like to read a Drarry epos, i recommend the “Tales from the Special Branch“ written by Femme (femmequixotic). It’s a five-story arc about an Auror Special Branch unit whose core members are Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, and Blaise Zabini. Rated Explicit.

  24. Have you ever had occasion to read A Well Groomed Mind by Lady_Khali? it’s the quintessential Manipulative!Dumbledore Sane!Voldemort, but unlike most of its fellows its not horribly written and doesn’t solve everything by giving Harry Insta-godlike-powers-and-intelligence-with-nearly-no-work. Instead it’s a poignant coming of age by an abuse survivor with a lot of problems related to the horrifying reality of a society where things like legilimency and memory charms exist.
    Best written Barty Crouch Jr ever, both Tom Riddle and Harry as realistic abused kids, and a scintillating analysis of the social issues at the heart of the wizarding world (I mean seriously, this book has a freakin three page rant on everything you’ve ever been frustrated about)
    My favorite fic of all time. It has a dedicated browser tab open where I read all 107464 words probably once a month.

    Another fun one is The Power of A Well Organized Mind by FalconLux, which I discovered while trying to dull the pain of finishing the previously mentioned well groomed one. It has a similar Harry-vs-Dumbledores-Utilitarian-Agenda thing going on, but the thing that makes it fun is the most inventive mindscape in any fic ever. Its like a cross between Sherlock’s Mind Palace and the hilarious world of Inside Out. Because of that it is a really fun (and funny) character study of Harry. (My favorite line is where Loyalty says “Oh Innocence? He died when we were four.”)

    My other favorite Fic (actually my second favorite of all time after Khali’s beast of a fic) is the Of A Linear Circle series by flamethrower. This fic set is a true monster (clocking near a million words and still going) and is the best time travel AU ever. This fic portrays the Founders as people who lived in the 990s instead of as idealized medieval warriors (Salazar complaining about King Aethelred, and also medieval toilets is my favorite thing) and the protagonist Nizar Slytherin (Salazar’s brother who finds himself stranded in the modern era) is hilarious.
    Features include: the phase “I’m offended by your schooling”, slutshaming Godric Gryffindor, Viking!Hufflepuff, Spanish!Slytherin, and the fact that at the time of the founders, the area of Scotland where Hogwarts is had five simultaneous native languages. Hell yes.

    1. ‘A Linear Circle’ is the best Fan fiction I’ve read so far. I’m in love with the characters, Nizar and the Founders in particular!

  25. Mrs_Granger’s “Harry Potter and the Summer After the War” but especially the sequal “Harry Potter and the Winters After the War”. By far the most amazing HPFF I’ve ever read.

  26. Are you guys gonna have a list for HP slash recs? If so Rise of the Drackens by StarlightMassacre is one of, if not THE BEST story I have ever read. Also her other HP stories are just a mind-blowingly amazing as well.

  27. The Code by Aduro. It consists of four separated works and is one of my all time favorites. It can be found on FanFiction.net and Archive of Our Own.

  28. I’m currently re-reading ‘Breaking the Quidditch Code’ by Mistress. Such a brilliant read, the character Avery is one of my most favourite characters of any book/fan fiction i’ve ever read so memorable 🙂

  29. You all REALLY have to check out isolation by bex-chan. A warning now it’s Rated ADULT. Please read with caution. It’s a Dromionie Fanfic that I could not stop reading. It made me laugh and cry and everything I want in a good book. I love it SOOO much! 10/10 recommendation. (Warning borderline Stockholm sydrym) I did have a few problems but all is forgiven it’s that good!

  30. You should read ‘The Girl who Wasn’t sorted’ by Pandora on quotev.com. It’s my favorite Harry Potter fanfiction!

  31. hi! some of my favorite harry potter fanfics are really anything written by Wattpad user kmbell92, my personal favorites being the “Tightly Knit” series, “Imagine Dragons” series, and all of the books wrapped into it – which could take you days to read and IT WOULD BE WORTH IT. they’re some of my favorite books and they’re beautifully written.

    some other ones i’ve found on wattpad that are really good:
    “According to the 1970s” – a really good, slowly updated, wolfstar fanfic written by dolefully… very poetic language
    “The Girl Called Slypaw” – currently being rewritten; wonderful fic, written by TheCertifiedAuthor
    “Temptation” – a remus lupin / 7th year OC student fic; really good; would be M if it was on fanfiction.net; written by glowash

    1. In the future we’ll be launching functionality that makes it possible to download stories as an Epub or other formats – speaking for HPFF. Websites like Ao3 and FF net have this function already I believe. Cheers! -Ronnie

  32. The book “The Girl who Wasn’t sorted” is the best fanfiction I’ve ever read! Its on quotev by Pandora. Please read!!

  33. Thank you soo much for getting hpff back up and running!! I squealed when I saw it was back!

    Have a look at Missing Mummy by harrylilyjames. It’s an emotional angst-ridden masterpiece [sadly not completed though…pooh!]. Also the one-shot Lily and Me [by the same author] is worth a read, it’s the perfect combinations of creepy and sweet.

    1. Thanks for sharing! We’ll be sure to check it out! And thank you for the kind words 🙂 Many updates to go to get HPFF to a state we’re proud of, but we’re hard at work! -Ronnie

  34. Thank you guys for making HPFF back up and running. It was the first website I started reading fanfics on. And for the anonymous person that was talking about the Regulus Black x Hufflepuff OC I think I know what you’re talking about. Is the oc named Candence aka Cade. Anyway thank you guys so much.

  35. Thanks, guys. Seriously. I can see that you’ve put a lot of work into HPFF, and thank you for saving these stories. Honestly, you’re amazing.

    Also, please consider reading The Witching Hour and its’ sequel by AbraxanUnicorn. They’re on HPFF, a next-gen story with Albus, but the lead is a muggle OC. It shows the first encounter of a muggle with the magical world, and it is downright beautiful. Would be thrilled to see on the rec lists.

    Awesome work, guys. Thank you very very much.

    1. Sounds like an awesome fic! Can’t wait to read it 🙂 And thank you for the very kind words! Its been both terrifying and exciting to relaunch the site but we’re so glad we saved the stories and are looking forward to continuing to rebuild and improve the HPFF website! – Ronnie

  36. Can you add the story ‘Away and Back’ by Teddylonglong?
    This story was completed just hours ago, it is a timetravel story, the summery is as follows

    When Harry and Hermione help Sirius escape at the end of their third Hogwarts year, matters play out a little differently, and Harry decides to join Sirius. Absolutely AU with Sirius, Remus, Hermione and Harry completely changing the future. AU, partly time-travel. Pairing: HP-HG

  37. You guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much for resurrecting the site. Don’t know how you did it but sure grateful you did.

    1. A whole lot of work xD! It definitely wasn’t easy but we’re so glad we were able to save the stories! All new features will be announced on twitter the moment they go live 🙂 – Ronnie

  38. Hi! Brilliant the site is back up 🙂 is there any way of moving onto the next chapter of a story without having to go back to the index?

    1. Thanks for pointing this out! I’m pretty sure the old site had this functionality, so it will definitely be returning :), I’m making an extra note so we can release that feature asap. Thank you! – Ronnie

  39. Just a quick question? Are you guys going to bring back the search that was on the old website? The one where you can search by a characters name, era etc.?

  40. Do you know when we will have access to our favorites on HPFF? I can’t remember the names of the stories I was reading, and I can’t even search for more via ship atm.

  41. Hey. I’m looking for a fanfiction I read on the old HPFF.com. It was a Regulus Black x OC. The OC was a female in Hufflepuff that got bullied constantly but decided that she wasn’t going to let that continue. She started living in the room of requirement and she cut her hair and started wearing this lipstick. Regulus and the OC had a cute relationship. Please help me find this.

  42. Just checked out the new site, and searched and found my favorite author. The site is easy to navigate and the stories are orderly. If I was an author, I would be very pleased with your work.

    Well done!

  43. Just wondering, has anyone been able to log in yet? Website keeps asking for user id and password but they aren’t working for me.

  44. Fated!
    It’s a Tomione, but post Hogwarts! Riddle never lost his mind in this fic and Is a totoal sociopath!
    Hermione is amazing and kick ass.
    It is dark however and character deaths. The author updates regularly too.

    1. Omg I looooove this Fic! the author, Cleobitchra has created a very good Tom Riddle, it’s almost scary how good. Also there are so many things she writes about that has you thinking “ why didn’t I think of that?”
      Deft a just read!

  45. Delenda est – Lord Silvere
    Harry potter and the methods of rationality
    Harry potter and the nightmares of future past by viridian dreams

  46. The fan fiction that I recommend is called “The Kings and Queens of Hogwarts”. It is on harrypitterfanfiction.com Its set in the marauders era. It is a really good fic if you love jily. The only catch is there that it sort of leaves on a cliffhanger. I don’t think the author has published a sequel.

  47. I am a dramione fan fic reader. I love them all. I forget some of the author names I only know one because she did a trilogy and it was awesome. Hermione_88. Then there is these other stories called: until death do us part, tangled web we weave, tango, beauty and the beast (I believe) not 100% sure on that one. And many more I can’t think from the top of my head at the moment.

  48. Hey!
    Most of my absolute favourite fanfictions are written by cleotheo, she writes Dramione and Lucissa, her stories are absoluty amazing and incredible to read!!
    A few of her amazing stories are:
    Goddes of Vengeance (complete)
    Shattered trust (series of 3 parts, 1&2 are complete)
    The dark lady (series of 3 parts, all parts are complete)

    Btw, if you want to read a bit of crappy (but written with love) Dramione, I have 3 stories published (2 complete). My username is: RavenclawIrene

  49. I may be Biased (since I wrote it) but I would recommend the The Curious Case of Luna Lovegood by Marvolo666 (Again that’s me). It’s about coming of age, a complex relationship between a Mother and her Daughter, the danger of power, what it means to be a hero, and the secret of Magic itself. It took over 2 years tonight bad I loved every minute of it. It’s a long Huna story and it is a romantic fantasy thriller.

  50. The Debt of Time is a true work of art by ShayaLonnie or really anything by her. Its on two different sites and went through a rewrite to be put on A03 and that version is more adult.

  51. I thought of a few others:

    Keep Calm and Carry On by firewhiskey_ginger – This was originally on HPFF and I think it won an award for the OC. She’s been revising it and posting it on AO3. It’s an Oliver Wood/OC and it is great–OC is well-rounded and flawed and the premise is really interesting.

    Periphery by firewhiskey_ginger – Not sure if this was ever on HPFF. Sirius/OC. Let me just say: I very rarely read Marauders era fics. I started this one because I loved Keep Calm and Carry On and I immediately fell in love with it. Another great OC and the author does an amazing job at really fleshing out characters like Marlene McKinnon.

    Wilder Mind by politelycynical – Hermione Granger/George Weasley. College AU. Really well written.

  52. There’s a next generation fic called “completely normal”. It’s about Harry’s son James and Oliver Woods’s daughter Charlotte. It’s a spectacular story and one of my favorite fanfics, I highly recommend it.

  53. Resonance, Revolution and Resolution by greengecko! These novels explore the what if scenario of Snape and Harry exploring their common ground, leading to Harry’s adoption as he is coming of age. Greengecko relies on canon and imagination to depict a mentorship based on fierce loyalty and understanding. Especially well-written and the author’s world-building is exceptional.

  54. There was this doc called Letters to L.C. It’s a Sirius Black x OC and the OC is sort of like Luna but more wired and clumsy. It was really cute and considering I don’t really read Sirius x OC (I usually read wolfstar) it was really good. And there was another one, I don’t remember what it was called but it was Regulus Black x OC and the OC was this Hufflepuff the whole school hated. Like she got bullied by Mulciber and such and Regulus seemed really interested in her.

  55. Hello,
    I’m afraid I only have 3 HP fanfictions that I found of good enough quality to share (don’t worry, they are written quite professionally by the wonderful author Kristen, on http://www.quotev.com)!

    So, number one on my recommendation list, is The Mudblood, and I assure you that every single one of the 3278 pages is worth reading! In this fanfic, there is an OC, Lainey Fitzroy who has multiple love interests, but encounters many, MANY setbacks, preventing her from easily choosing one. You will follow her and her interesting group of friends from her first year at Hogwarts all the way to adulthood!
    Trust me, it’s the best damn fanfic I’ve EVER read!!

    Second, comes The Squib [Draco Malfoy]:
    Also written by Kristen, this book follows the life of a sixteen-year-old squib, Athena Merus (also an OC), as she attends Hogwarts for the first time, entering as a sixth year. Again, this book portrays the reality and difficulty of being with someone who is completely the opposite of your character! I would honestly recommend this book to ANYONE who loves the world of Harry Potter!

    And last but not least, Arabella Lestrange: The Rise of Marvolo.
    My goodness, THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK HITS YOU HARD. Golly gosh, this book puts you through such good pain, you know when you just get everything, and everything’s written so well, you imagine yourself AS the character, not just watching someone else? Yeah, well I’m telling you now, it’s an emotional rollercoaster!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, Kristen is really able to capture the reality of situations so well, like the characters ACTUALLY have flaws! And not EVERYTHING works out for them!!!! Like she is so good at finding realistic situations of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I promise you, you will enjoy these books! They are very easy reads (still written with good vocab n’ all) and they are just SO CAPTIVATING. You will not be able to stop reading!!!!!!!

    I really hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!! :))))))))))))))

  56. Chessmaster is probably one of the good ongoing series around. The trio ends up in Slytherin and there is a lot of politics. Contrary to what you would expect though most of it isn’t done by PowerfulSmartTrio but all the big moves are being made by the big players. The trio does what they can at their level but I didn’t find it unbelievable anywhere yet.

  57. the best harry potter fanfic i’ve ever read is an AU by hollimichele on AO3 called “the dog father” wherein the dursley’s turn baby harry over to the police and he is adopted into a loving, muggle family. it’s so SWEET and incredibly well written. plus (spoiler) harry refers to sirius as his DOG-father. enough said. they post frequent updates on tumblr as well.

    another really incredible fic is “face death in the hope” by lullabyknell (also on AO3). it’s AU/time-travel (possibly dimension travel??) that takes place right after voldemort kills harry in the forbidden forest and harry wakes up during the first war, in the horcrux cave and manages to save regulus black before he drowns. lots of sirius + regulus angst. lots of really amazing and believable jily. hands down the BEST depiction of marlene mckinnon (or the mckinnons as a whole) i’ve ever read. excruciatingly slowburn harry/regulus. it’s just fantastic.

    the leave no stone unturned series by thedivinecomedian (again, AO3) is the best collection of marauder’s era work i’ve ever read. and i’m a BIG fan of marauder’s era fanfiction. every single stand alone in this series is absolutely amazing and SO incredibly well-written but here are some honorable mentions:

    “blackpool” is a really dark, really in-depth dive into the on-goings of number 12 grimmauld place from the perspective of regulus black. basically, what exact sort of abuse transpired in that household and how it shaped both sirius and regulus and their subsequent paths. it’s incredibly sad but so incredibly good.

    “the age of lies” has the best and the most believable peter pettigrew. it’s an AU in which kreacher saves regulus from the inferi and peter is exposed as a traitor before things go down. plus dad!james.

    “they’re hiding me inside” is the BEST rehashing of that summer where sirius decides enough is enough and seeks refuge at the potter’s. it’s told from remus’ pov and there are really sweet wolfstar moments. also regulus is SUCH a slytherin.

    “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” is such an interesting concept. it takes place during deathly hallows right before the order goes to retrieve harry from the dursleys for the last time. basically, remus and hermione have a conversation about war and trauma and coping and sexual orientation and quote shakespeare because why on earth wouldn’t they. and hermione is just the cleverest.

    but, really, you should read all of thedivinecomdian’s work bc it’s all amazing.

  58. Will any stories that were on the HPFF archive, but were blocked from being viewed by the former admin will be restored when you revive the site?
    Many thanks

    1. We are working on a system that allows for a much higher degree of freedom for all writers while still maintaining a portion of the site to the currently established culture. – Ronnie

  59. There a couple that were only on harrypotterfanfiction.com.
    The octane generation and the quiet outcast. Can’t remember the authors but both are next generation. Octane was about Albus and scropius as best friends and was an Albus s.p/oc and rose/scorpius. Outcast was about Hugo Weasley and was friken funny, can’t wait for the hpff stories to be back up.
    In this darkness by quill2parchment was on hpff.com but is also on another site currently.
    The rest of my recommendations can be found on fanfiction.net
    To be a Slytherin by Morgana Deryn
    BEST FANFIC EVER. Draco/oc. Harry has a sister.
    The revolt series by van’s scribbles
    Next gen, very political so maybe not for everyone but it’s in my top 3.
    Love and Glory by ginnyweaslyrocks
    Seeing red by bumbledbee
    The stygian trilogy by slide
    A second chance by midnight Mockingjay
    Deceptive nature’s by frostykitty
    As you will see I’m a big next generation fan. Most are rose/Scorpius even if it’s only mentioned like in in this darkness.

  60. Delicate by Padfoot4ever
    Complicated but ShadowRose997
    Make You Feel My Love (there’s like 3 stories and this is just one of the titles)
    As Stupid as Me

  61. I recommend the series about the prince of souls is starts as harry potter and the four heirs it has been a rollercoaster read with 6 fics in the series amazing read by _harry_potter_

  62. Hi!! I’ve onlg read a couple fanfics on HPFF, and one of them was absolutely amazing but I don’t remember the author and I only vaguely remember the title; something along the lines of “it’s always been you” or “always you”. It’s a dramione fanfic and I really think you should add it to your reading list, it’s phenomenal!

  63. Another one was called the Road Home, it was pretty good. Also, the one that I think won most addicting story a few years ago and was about rose and scorpius, it was in progress but super good.

  64. Now, this one ain’t a recommendation but I just want to say that I saw your post on the plans for HPFF and I wanna say a really big THANK YOU because HPFF is my life and I had a mini heart attack when I couldn’t find the website like around two weeks ago. I thought ‘hey maybe they’re just doing a site maintenance or something’ but I remembered it again today and I stumbled upon your post, and Gods am I relieved.
    So yeaaaah. Just wanna express my thanks to you guys and (huehue) you just gained a new subscriber! Love lots!

    1. Awh 🙂 Thanks so much! We’re so happy to be working on getting the site back up! Its a bit more difficult than we expected but we’re working hard to make it happen! Cheers – Ronnie

  65. Awh such a good idea! Well ‘red and gold’ by gryffindor_gal I love, as well as ‘Delicate’ and ‘Still Delicate’ by padfoot4ever!

  66. Oh wow! You guys are absolutely amazing! This is such an unexpected twist!

    If you could find The Immeasurable Marauder, Limitless and Incomparable, I would be eternally grateful! <3

  67. Are you taking suggestions for list topics as well? I am a big fan of any romance with Fred or George and I’ve been having a hard time finding good ones lately so I’d be super pumped to see a recommendations list for that (though it might be too narrow).

    Two recommendations that immediately come to mind are Love and the Empty Brook Closet by Liz Ambrose (fanfiction.net) and A Lid for Every Pot, George Weasley by BooksVCigarettes (fan fiction.net and AO3). They are both George romances and they’re adorable and I love them. Really good OCs as well.

    Looking forward to seeing HPFF online again! I’ve only started branching out from fanfiction.net and I found out about HPFF after April 28 and everything I’ve heard about it sounds awesome.

    1. Our rec list will almost certainly have a few pairings like that – and we work really hard to make sure every fic we recommend is literally one of the best of its kind 🙂 – thanks for the recommendations and for the support! – Ronnie

      1. Yay!

        I just realized autocorrect betrayed me again—that should be Love and the Empty Broom Closet by Lux Ambrose.

  68. I recommend In This Darkness but unfortunately i dont remember the author… It is a next generation Fic with Lily Luna as one of the main characters. It really is an incredible fanfiction!!!
    And thank you so much for fighting for our fanfictions!!!!

  69. I was sad to see that the site was not operational but I’m very glad you intend to put it back up. Ever since I became a Harry Potter fan, harrypotterfanfiction has been a source of pleasure and inspiration. If it had gone for good it would have been a severe blow.

    1. I know right? Its been around for 17+ years! We really didn’t want to see it go which is why we got involved in the first place. Thanks so much for your support and for sharing your thoughts 🙂 – Ronnie

  70. I was glad to see that you are bringing HPFF back. After almost 9 years in retirement I came back to find it gone. I will most definitely be back once its up again writing, reading, reviewing and maybe beta reading if my time frees up a bit.

  71. I was given the heads up about the closure of HPFF by Professor Muggle who, like me, was banned from the site a few years ago. If the HPFF archives still contain my stories, I have no objections to you restoring them, although as they’re all on fanfiction.net, you may not think this will be necessary. Your site, your decision.
    Will this be an open and active site (will you be taking new submissions) or will it simply be an archive of the lost stories? If the former, I’d really like to resubmit. If you’re worried about the reason for my ban, my version of events is an Author’s note at the end of the last chapter of Tales of The Battle at fanfiction.net. Of course, that’s only my version…
    Good luck with this.
    PS An anonymous poster on 16th June mentioned myGinevra in a long list of writers. I like his work, but I’m pretty sure he was banned from HPFF, too.

  72. Hi! I read you’re trying to keep harrypotterfanfiction alive – thank you thank you thank you! I wish there was a way I could help you somehow because honestly that website got me through so much throughout high school and I’m devastated to think it’ll be lost forever.
    Thanks guys! If you ever need some kind of literary support I’d be happy to help (even if only in a small way)
    Kind Regards,
    Carly 🙂 or x-shadow-x-kisses-x as I go by in the fanfic world hahahaha

  73. Hi!
    I recommend Dramione funfic: ‘Above the clouds’ and ‘The reason is you’.
    And also Drarry: ‘Red Hills’

  74. Please keep stories from the following authors:
    Groundswell, AC Rules, harrylilyjames,Mistress,overtherainbomb,Seeker68, Rae of sunshine,greengecko, Gryffindor Girl 153, Hyenni, Jelly Man, Realmer06, Pretty Purple Pelican, Snitch Snatcher, Alicia and Anne, and Thedirigibleplum, Sundevil05, Lucylovegood, Meg, Mrs. Granger, Notadryeye, myGinevra, Wacky Tarz, and Emerald Lights.

    If I think of more, I will let you know.

    Thanks for all you do to keep our favorites on file.

    1. Hi! Just letting you know that Alicia and Anne as well as dirigibleplums are both now active at Harry Potter Fanfic Talk forums, and have posted their stories on the accompanying HPFT archives, though Alicia is now posting under BuckyStilinski. I have no idea if they plan to return to HPFF or not, or even leave their stories up.

      Many of the active HPFF members moved across to HPFT once it was formed, HPFT was created in the aftermath of the HPFF forums closing by several of the old members personally, Rose (toomanycurls), and Branwen (abhorsen.) as well as Holly and many more. Feel free to check it out to find many of the HPFF authors you knew plus more!

      -previously Caitlin under rosehedwig243 on hpff, now BlackPixie on HPFT-

  75. Someone has suggested this already, but anything my Mistress is very good (mostly next gen stuff from memory). Breaking the quidditch code, keep away, hide and seek, 30 days of you and me, hormones, the keepers daughter, under the radar etc.

  76. I wrote some fan fictions on the website but I took them off and started to rewrite them but I do believe I started putting one of my stories on there again. My name on the site was kimmy potter and the stories were The Parent Trap, What A Girl Wants, Love Lost Love Found. I believe it was What A Girl Wants that I had published again.

  77. Breaking the Quidditch Code is one of my all-time favorite fics. And there was a sequel but I can’t remember the name. I believe these were by Mistress.

  78. I am from Brazil, and I found this site after searching for more platforms to read Fanfics, one of my biggest passions. I was happy with your work, and I hope soon to see the site running 100%.


    The Long Road Home by Penelope Muir (Fanfiction. net)
    If Someone cared Enough by Shain-of-Ireland (Fanfiction. net)
    Chalk Outline, by Nygma42, Oswald_Nygmobblepot (archiveofourown. org)


    Crimson with a Silver Lining by Lady Canilan (Fanfiction. net)
    Hold on, by Karistiel (Spiritfanfiction. com) – in Portuguese
    Cidade das Pedras – Draco & Hermione by AppleFran (fanfiction.com.br) in Portuguese

    Cidade das Pedras is the best story I ever about the universe of Harry Potter with Draco and Hermione as protagonists. It’s the best Dramione story in Brazil.

  79. So many!
    Lady Malfoy;
    A three part story where Snape adopts Harry – Resonance was the first one;
    Two to Tango;
    The Present;
    The Art of Surviving;
    Still Delicate;
    How Not to Be a Woodley;
    Give Up This Fight;

    I hope you can restore them all!

  80. hi. there was a fic called the brave at heart on hpff, it was about marauders. it was going so good. i couldnt read till the end cause the website shut down but hey cant wait to read the rest of it! im so excited:)

  81. Everything that was on HPFF is awesome!! All the stories took me away from my problems for a period. It relaxed me and made me forget about my issues. IT would be ashamed to lose any of them.

  82. Hi Gwen and Ronnie, Im desperately looking for a fanfiction that I believe used to be on hpff (was in the favourite stories section or was a dobby awards winner, but i’ve trolled the lists and can’t find it: Sirius/OC – in 7th Year, The OC was a Chinese girl who was trained in deadly martial arts (secret) who ended up in a Hogwarts triwizard tournament kind of thing and I’m fairly sure there was a dragon. This used to be my favourite story. Thank you 🙂

  83. Well, I’ve read loads of great fanfiction, so here are some of my personal favourites.

    1. Clash, by shezwriter – Dark, with a really great plot, and brilliant character development. Probably the best HP fanfiction I’ve ever read. WIP.

    2. The Albus Potter Series, by NoahPhantom – Next Gen fic with a really great story. Seriously, the writers have reimagined the magical world. Complete.

    3. Eclipse of the Sky, by firefawn – Hogwarts era, AU starting from HBP. Has all the canon characters and one really brilliant OC. WIP.

    4. The Dark Lessons and the Colossus Series, by Sammy 23.4 – The Colossus Series is abandoned, but three of it’s books are complete. The Dark Lessons is Cursed Child compliant, but still brilliant.

    5. The Life and Times by Jewels5 and the Shoebox Project – Greatest Marauder era pics ever. LAT is incomplete though, and has not been updated in 5 years.

    6. The Stygian trilogy, by Slide – Follows Scorpius, Rose, Albus and a couple of other OCs. Brilliant Story. Next Gen. Complete.

    7. Now for the Romance/Drama/Humor genre :
    – Complicated by ShadowRose
    – Delicate and it’s sequel by padfoot4ever
    – Breathless and Welcome to the Chase by dream_BIG.
    – You Can Marry Me by deceptive_serenade
    – 19 years by Marauder5
    – Breaking the Quidditch Code, it’s sequel and The Keeper’s daughter by Mistress.
    – Fluorescent Adolescent by greenbirds.
    – Dormitory 2.6A by dirigibleplums.

    8. It’s all his fault!, by pottermommy1118 – Next Gen time turner fic. James, Teddy, Lily and Albus find a time turner and end up in Grimmauld Place during the summer of Order of Phoenix. Perhaps the most cheerful fic I’ve ever read. Sincerely recommend this one.

    Most of these were on HPFF, so I really hope it gets back up.

  84. I have read just a few Harry Potter Fanfics and really enjoyed Delicate by Padfoot4ever. I was several chapters into its sequel Still Delicate and didn’t get to finish it, so I would love to see these added! Thanks!

  85. -how to tame a marauder by melian
    The art of breathing and the art of surviving? – not sure who this was by
    – Resonance by green gecko.

    Some of my faves and it would be a shame to lose them.

  86. “haunted: the life and times of regulus black” by jenna822. it’s an old story but a great one. really long and all about regulus. it was on hpff and i think fanfiction dot net as well. she also wrote “wonderwall” which is a james/regulus fic.

  87. Everything by padfoot4ever !!!
    – along came Sirius + the sequel
    Oooh and also everything by Melian – how to tame a marauder is the best !
    So sad I can’t read it right now, I could slap myself for not printing it !!!

      1. How to tame a Marauder (and all my other works) are up on archive.hpfanfictalk.com and archiveofourown.org. At this point it’s likely I will be deleting it from this site if it comes back up, as it won’t be the same site I originally agreed to post on. I’m on Twitter and HPFT forums if you want to chat about it. Cheers Mel

        1. Of course, access to your account will be 100% restored so you’re free to do with them as you wish – our goal was to save the site and to save the stories, we fully respect author’s rights to maintain control over their stories after we get the site back up. Though, I think you might like this new site if you give it a chance 🙂 We’re putting a lot of effort into making it easier to use and accessible to everyone (including instant posting).


  88. The fic I’ve been reading and love a lot is pretty unknown. I think it is, anyway. It’s a Harry and twin story, but I think it’s really well thought out and blends beautifully with the story. I think he author is planning a series and is still working on book one.

    It’s called The Potter Twins and the Philosopher’s Stone on fanfiction.net

    The writers penname is InkedRose

  89. Could you add “The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story!” by Emms16? It is literally my favorite fanfiction ever and I have been trying to find it for months! If you could add it that would be amazing.

  90. Absolutely loved Kill your darlings about Andromeda and Ted, hopefully it will be available to read soon again!

  91. An author who called herself Jaydah, made some awesome stories i would love to read again. Been a few years since so can’t remember the names of the stories unfortunately.

  92. “Harry Potter: United as One” https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12378391/1/Harry-Potter-United-As-One

    A (WiP) but a fun ride starting off Halloween 1981 doesn’t spend much time in the lower years until TriWizard tournament, many OCs and changed characters with a mainly original way to destroy Horcruxes. LilyAlive! GoodDraco! GoodWeasleys! EvilDumbledore! SuperVoldemort! PowerfulHarry&Co.! SlytherinHarry! Haphne! Dramione! FleurxOC! NotShyNeville!

  93. polychromatic on hpff is amazing (i feel like i grew up with it when harry potter books stopped coming in my teens) for when you get it up and running again

      1. no worries! forgot to mention it’s a marauders fanfic 🙂 i’ve read it multiple times tbh and was going back for a re-read when i saw the site was down for the first time 🙁 hope you get it up and running soon! 🙂

  94. One of the best Albus/OC fics was: etc. etc. (and life goes on) by justonemorefic on HPFF, I think? Would love to reread it.

  95. Thank you so much guys for doing this! I was deeply sad when HPFF went down. There is so much there I don’t know where to begin! Here is a list of my favourites
    The Solidius Charm
    The Kings Of Magic
    The Source of Magic
    The New Lords

    1. Awh, thank you so much! If you think of more, keep sending them our way! We’re working really hard to get the website back up with some new finishing touches 🙂 – Ronnie

  96. One of my faves is definitely Delicate by padfoot4ever. I have read that fic too many times to count!! Others that I remember vaguely (and really want to read again) are Living Life by singing and How To Tame a Marauder (can’t remember the author). I was really into my marauder and next gen fics back in the day! Literally lived for Scorpius/Rose, Sirius/OC and James/Lily.

    1. How to Tame a Marauder is by ‘melian’, they’re stories are now posted on the Harry Potter Fanfic Talk archives, you can find them at archive (dot) hpfanfictalk (dot) com.

      Many of the active HPFF members moved across to HPFT once it was formed, HPFT was created in the aftermath of the HPFF forums closing by several of the old members personally, Rose (toomanycurls), and Branwen (abhorsen.) as well as Holly and many more. Feel free to check it out to find many of the HPFF authors you knew plus more!

      -previously Caitlin under rosehedwig243 on hpff, now BlackPixie on HPFT-

  97. I image you guys have already had kmbell92 on wattpad recomended to you seeings as she is amazing and super popular but just in case I wanted to recommend her writing especially her “tightly knit” series.

  98. I would like to recommend “lemons into lemonade” by prongsette on Wattpad, everything they write is great but this story of theirs is my favourite.

  99. I wish I would’ve had all the links saved for the titles because I had a hefty list. My favorites though were Oliver Wood/OC written. When I think of then I’ll post

  100. Hello,

    I can’t recommend enough, “Blood Traitor” by Zalia on fanfiction.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11819431/1/Blood-Traitor

    While it is a longer fan fiction, it is totally worth the read. The initial premise that Draco Malfoy is a Veela who loves and who’s mate is Hermione Granger. While this plot may not be everyones cup of tea, I think overall it is one of the best fan fictions I have ever read. Without giving to much of the plot away, it is a “fix-it” like fan fan fiction (While I agree that Harry Potter is perfect, this fan fiction is an alternative look after the War, and I think it makes for a less tragic ending overall). I admit that I like characters that are “good”, and where everything turns out alright. So if you are looking for an uplifting, funny, and engaging story, this is the one for you.

    Zalia has an amazing talent for humor. I have not laughed so consistently throughout the entirety of a fan fiction, and the humor is poignant at every rereading.

  101. I read this really great Mauraders fic, I can’t remember the exact name of but I think it was something along the lines of The Kings and Queens of Hogwarts?? it was based on the marauders (obvs haha) and Lily, Marlene McKinnon, Dorcas Meadowes and Mary McDonald. It was based in the 6th year and goes on about issues with slytherins, there’s a ball/party near Christmas and then towards the end there a bit about them get recruited into the Order. It was soooooo good but I can’t find it anywhere. the writer had started a sequel for it as well I believe

      1. No unfortunately not, I’ve been trying to find on other sites and I’ve seen this one pop up on a couple of them. The one I’m on about is just based on the Harry Potter

        1. I also remember that Sirius had already left the Black house and was living with James, and also Dorcas lives with them because her parents I’d passed away and they see her as a little sister and get like crazy protective over her but then she starts seeing Remus but they keep it a secret

          1. Is it possibly:

            The Rise and Fall of the Stag and the Doe
            By: SiriusUntiltheVeryEnd

            I’m not sure about Remus/Dorcas’s relationship being kept secret but the rest is there. I’m sorry we’re having so much trouble finding it! Let me know if you remember anything else about it!

          2. Don’t worry, I haven’t given up yet. It may take us a few days, but Gwen is a blood hound on these kind of things 🙂 Keep a look out on your email – Ronnie

  102. From HPFF:

    Living Life by singing
    How to tame a Marauder by Melian
    Lady Malfoy by cherrypie3601
    Being Summer by PygmyPuffLover

    1. Hi! melian is actually currently around at Harry Potter Fanfic Talk – it’s a forums site and has an archive where quite a few prominent and not-so-prominent previously HPFF members have posted their previous work, and continue to post their new stories.

      Many of the active HPFF members moved across to HPFT once it was formed, HPFT was created in the aftermath of the HPFF forums closing by several of the old members personally, Rose (toomanycurls), and Branwen (abhorsen.) as well as Holly and many more. Feel free to check it out to find many of the HPFF authors you knew plus more!

      -previously Caitlin under rosehedwig243 on hpff, now BlackPixie on HPFT-

    1. I love all of Marauderlover7’s stories! I wish I had them in book form on my shelf. Definitely my favorite Harry Potter timeline

  103. I have a Harry Potter fanfiction called The Foundation for the Future by Teddylonglong, it is a great read, I am sure some people will like to read this one, it is on fanfiction.net, and it is a timetravel fanfic.
    The summary is as follows
    Before their first Hogwarts year, Harry and Hermione undergo training with the founders of Hogwarts. How will they fit into their future’s class? Completely AU, partly OOC, probably Dumbledore/Weasley bashing. Rating just to be sure. HP/HG

      1. Yeah it’s a really good story even though it wasn’t finished! How much longer till the site goes live again?

        1. My personal goal is within the next two weeks, we’re finishing the final details throughout next week – sorry for the long wait time, its taking longer than we anticipated to get everything back online. – Ronnie

  104. Azoth by zeitgeistic is my all time favorite, but also incredily well written and lovely is Running on Air by eleventy7, The Man Who Lived by SebastianL, The pure and Simple Truth by lettered, Humbug(A Christmas Tale) by snegurochka_lee, and Turn by Sara’s Girl. They’re all my perfect children and I’d be honored if you have them a look!

  105. Harry Potter and the lightning lord by colt01
    Saviour of Magic By: Colt01
    Black Bond by Rajatarangini
    Sacrifices arc (7 books, 3 million words) by lightning on the wave
    Dangerverse by whydoyouneedtoknow
    Harry potter and the Prince of slytherin by The sinister man

  106. Hi please please please save Flourescent Adolescent by greenbirds! One of the best Next Gen HP fan fics out there – not completed but on its way!!! And How Not To Be a Woodley by NHStadler <3

  107. Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust, it’s a Dramione set 8th year I think. I believe the author has chocolate in the name. It was on hpff.net, and I miss it terribly.

  108. I’m a HUGE Snape/Lily shipper. This is the best story I’ve ever read in redoing history and getting them back together. But instead of the normal Snape dying and going back in time to relive his life this story has Lily going into the future to the point of the seventh book! It’s called Ananke and is very GOOD!


  109. I was looking for this James and Lily fanfic and I can’t find it now that the site is down. I don’t remember the name of it. But, James and Lily had dated and broken up because of a big misunderstanding, so, now they hate each other. Every time James makes Lily cry, Sirius is there and makes her feel better. This is one of my favorite Sirius/Lily friendship dynamic is think. Other random things I remember from it is that James’ mom’s name is Monique Monroe and they call her MJ Potter. She is French, was a quidditch star but quit and becomes an Auror. She is really skilled and trains Lily without James knowing. Please help me find this. Although it does really paint James in that great of a light, you kind of fall in love with Sirius. It definitely has a good plot and the story is so great I keep thinking about it.

  110. https://archiveofourown.org/works/1134255/chapters/2292768 : Sherlock crossover: Everything started with a stumble – his new life in a new world as well as his surprisingly successful career as a medium.

    https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8186071/1/Harry-Crow :What will happen when a goblin-raised Harry arrives at Hogwarts. A Harry who has received training, already knows the prophecy and has no scar. With the backing of the goblin nation and Hogwarts herself. Complete.

  111. https://archiveofourown.org/works/899336/chapters/1738181 :Turned into a werewolf at fifteen, Harry, afraid of what he now is and the lack of control he has, runs from the wizarding world, right into the territory of unmated alpha werewolf Fenrir Greyback, who is overly eager to find the submissive wolf in the heart of his territory. Fenrir/Harry. Mpreg.

    https://archiveofourown.org/works/8659690/chapters/19854463 :After Harry rids the Wizarding World of Voldemort, his dreams of having a happy life of his own are dashed when the Ministry decides he’s too dangerous to remain free. Harry escapes to start a new life, under a new identity unknown to everyone in the UK. He settles into his new life, begins a family and all seems well… but is it?

  112. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11324004/1/Seeking :Fem!HP/Theodore Nott. Post OOTP AU. Rosemary and Theo make a life together after the war is over. It’s nice and sweet, but of course, there’s always bumps along the way. First story after a LOOONG Hiatus. Hope you like. D/s, Het. Unedited. COMPLETE!

    https://archiveofourown.org/works/6285364/chapters/14402683 : GoT crossover: The blood of the dragon has been failing over the decades. The various wars, rebellions and fights have whittled the family down to just five remaining members. An ancient prophecy from old Valyria that was unearthed by the oldest Targaryen Prince leads to forbidden love and perhaps to true love also. Secrets and subterfuge, war and madness plague the Targaryen family, but the dragons do not so easily die and with strength, perseverance and a few choice alliances, the blood of the dragon will strengthen again and it will lead to the rekindling of the royal family and to the fated rebirth of the long lost dragons.

      1. I also wanted to say a gigantic thank you to you both for what you’re doing for HPFF! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

        1. Awh, thanks so much! We’re just so glad we were able to save the stories and are thrilled to be able to grow the HPFF site – the community has been so welcoming in this first week since the announcement and we can’t wait to get things back up in running in the next few weeks. Thank you for the comment, it means a lot to us 🙂 – Gwen & Ronnie

  113. Some of my Favourite Fanfics that are completed include:

    1. Run by Toujours Padfoot.
    2. HP and the Summer After the War and it’s sequel HP and the Winters After the War by Mrs_Granger.
    3.. HP and the Conspiracy of Blood by CambAngst.
    4. Off the Rails by Waterlily43175.
    5. Delicate and it’s sequel Still Delicate by Padfoot4ever.
    6. James Potter Series (5 books) by G. Norman Lippert.
    7. Breaking the Quidditch Code and it’s sequel Decoding the Tutshilll Tornadoes by Mistress.
    8. Albus Potter Series (7 books) by NoahPhantom.
    9. Ignite and it’s sequels Starfall and Oblivion by Slide. (This is my all time favourite, great storylines and you learn a lot as well)


    1. Awesome! Thanks for letting us know they’re all complete – that’s definitely one of our main requirements for reccing a Fic 🙂 – its especially important for new readers reading fanfiction for the first time! If you think of any others, please send it our way 🙂 -Gwen & Ronnie

    1. Who doesn’t love a good fluff? During our reading we look for stories that are able to elicit emotion while still telling an amazing story that keeps readers engaged and excited to read more. Can’t wait to read these! – Ronnie

          1. This website is read-only. The intention of FanfictionRecommendations.com is to help newer fanfiction readers quickly find great fanfics they’ll love. We’ve found that people are way more likely to stick around in the community if their first few reading experiences were good, but if they end up reading a story thats well liked but has poor structure (endings that don’t make sense, bad climax, etc.), they give up on fanfiction forever. So we made this site to show them some of the best in fanfics in each fandom.

            However, HarryPotterFanfiction.com will definitely offer accounts and publishing just like it used to. We’ll also be making major product updates to make it easier to write and read fanfiction (making things easier is kind of our thing). – R & G

  114. all HP works by corvusdraconis
    When A Lioness Fights by kayly silverstorm
    Like Brothers by Colubrina
    Black Phoenix Witches by Out of Custody
    All HP works by MaryRoyale
    Keogh by ChelleyBean
    All HP works by Crazy Mishka
    Old Soldiers Never Die by Rorschach’s Blot
    All works HP works by Shandra23
    Hermione and the Dark Weasley by Mrs X Y and Z
    In the Arms of her Dragon by Wolf Blossom
    All HP Works by Kittenshift17
    The Master, The Warden, The Headmaster and the Deputy by mak5258
    Nihil est ab omni parte beatum and Six Pomegranate Seeds by Seselt
    HP works by SuperPsychoNutcase

    1. Woah! This is awesome! With all of these recommendations and the 85,000 stories we need to sift through on HarryPotterfanfiction.com, we’re so excited to tackle this Fandom! Ah! Such exciting times :)) -Gwen and Ronnie

  115. Firefawn has my favorite HP fanfic of all time. It is called “Eclipse of the Sky” and was on harrypotterfanfiction.com before it closed and I think was the most reviewed story there. I printed it off before it shut down and it had about 4000+ reviews. Its got 50 chapters so far and once it takes off action wise (around chpater 13) it has action like no other fanfic I’ve ever read. It also has great romance and tension in it and is beyond dark. It is being finished on fanfiction.net now under the same name and penname but doesn’t have the same following it did back in the day. I just discovered your rec site so wanted to submit it.

      1. Glad it could help! Sherlock ones are great, but man this one was a classic Harry Potter. I was thrilled when the author came back to finish the story.