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Harry and Hermione Fanfic Stories for the Love-Struck Potter Fan

One of our favorite things about the Harry Potter fanfiction realm is the way relationships can be explored across a plane of seemingly endless possibilities. One of those possibilities come from Harry and Hermione ending up together.

There are fans of the Rowling universe that have long shipped the pair, and their minds run wild in the fanfiction universe. There are wonderful stories about the two of them falling in love.

Some of them focus a lot on the ‘what if’s’ and ‘what could have been’s’. They touch on longing and hidden feelings. Aren’t we all suckers for a story that plays on your emotions?

We think so! So we put together 5 stories to warm your longing or love-struck heart.

After All This Time by secret dancer

When it comes time for Harry to give Hermione away at her wedding, he comes face to face with some tough emotions. Is he going to walk his best friend down the aisle to meet her husband (and a great friend of his as well) or will he be unable to complete the task because of what’s on his heart?

Confused By My Love For My Best Friend by x The Woman In The Tuxedo x

When Harry and Hermione ask one another a question – true feelings come to the surface. Has Hermione always seen him as her best friend? Has he only seen Hermione as his friend who happened to be in love with Ron? What happens in the space between? Has true love always been right under their nose, just not with whom they initially expected?

Artistic Tendencies by Hasane

This story sees Harry and Hermione outside of the Wizarding World and in an art class – much like you or I would attend. Hermione isn’t that interested in the class, but Harry has an eye for art. That eye may bring Hermione around to enjoying the beauty – and not just of subject matters.

Love At Halloween by Miss Haggan

This is a one-shot that takes place over a Halloween Party. When Ginny asks Harry about his true feelings for Hermione, he’s forced to admit that he’s loved her all along. The Halloween Party presents the perfect situation for the pair to decide if now is the time to take that next step – if now is the time to chase their love story.

Reunion by Moondanser83

A class reunion brings the golden trio back to Hogwarts. While some things remained the same – others changed. When Harry sees Hermione, he begins to wonder what could have been. It turns out, he’s not the only one who thinks of what their lives could have been – or what they could still be.

Are you a fan of stories where Harry and Hermione are endgame? Do you enjoy reading stories with what if’s and longing? What are your favorite Harmony stories? Share them with us, below.

Harry and Hermione Fanfic Stories for the Love-Struck Potter Fan

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