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Halloween Themed Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories to Spook Up Your October

It’s finally October which means it’s more socially acceptable to dive into the Halloween spirit. While we tend to jump in when the calendar reads August 1st, we know not everyone else feels the same way. That being said, we’ve been reading Halloween themed fanfiction for months now – some of which is in the Harry Potter realm.

It’s easy for Wizarding World fanfiction to relate to holiday – there’s an air of mystery at Hogwarts all the time – it IS a story about everything from wizards and werewolves to death eaters after all.

So with all things spooky in mind – here are 5 themed Harry Potter fanfiction stories for you to enjoy this October.

Zoinks! A Halloween Tale by Northumbrian

With a Scooby-Doo Reference to kick things off – our favorite witches and wizards come face to face with the crime-solving team and our favorite detective dog. Well, sort of. This story sees Harry and his friends dress up as characters from the Scooby-Doo universe and there are ghosts, goblins, and a mystery to solve!

Halloween Spice by aly grace

This story is written from the perspective of Harry’s daughter, Lily and it’s as if she’s telling us her story as a series of snapshots. She’s taken on a ‘scavenger hunt’ of sorts as she reads a series of letters left for her by a boy who has feelings for her – but will it lead to heartache or romance? What happens next?

Halloween Day by tallaan

In a ‘Groundhog Day’ style fanfiction, Ron is continually forced to experience the same day again and again. In this fic, it just so happens to be Halloween and until he can figure out why, he’s trapped. Will he confront his feelings for a girl he cares for? Will he right wrongs of the past? What is the key to letting Ron flip the calendar?

A Halloween at Hogwarts by Marauder4eva

Hermione is going to throw a party at Hogwarts but some things stand to get in the way. One of which is her continuous fighting with Ron. Can they put aside their differences for the best Halloween party yet – and hopefully turn a new page in their relationship?

Bloody Halloween by momoe

Bloody Halloween takes on two meanings in this fanfic. First and foremost…it’s a frustrating holiday when you can’t really dress up and scare the pants off of your neighbors like the ‘muggle kids’. Second…well…things get quite literally – bloody, when a magical creature gets involved in the day. You’ll have to read to find out exactly what we’re talking about, but we’re certain this is a one-shot you’ll really enjoy!

Did we include a Halloween fanfiction you love? Let us know.

Halloween Themed Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories to Spook Up Your October

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