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5 Game of Thrones, Supernatural, & Avengers Fanfiction To Sooth Your Bored Quarantined Soul

This week, a little more than the ones before it, we’re feeling the sting of quarantine. We’re going sort of stir crazy. We’re still indulging in all of our favorite parts of pop culture, and of course, that includes fanfiction.

We’ve been rewatching our favorite series and films and finding new ones too. So the fanfic we found this week is reminiscent of what we’ve been watching.

From Game of Thrones to Supernatural and The Avengers, we hope you enjoy quarantine through the eyes of some of your pop culture favorites.

Viruses and Pina Coladas
In this Supernatural themed fic, Dean and Castiel are sick of the Coronavirus. They’re sick of statistics, and they need to get out of their current situation before they lose their minds. This is possible because…Castiel owns a private island. Sam takes the trip with them and suddenly…they’re feeling a lot more relaxed. Maybe that has something to do with how Dean and Castiel spent their time before they got to that island.

Love in the Time of Quarantine

GOT themed fanfiction. When Arya Stark and Gendry Waters are quarantined…their wedding is suddenly affected by the circumstances. This should be a sigh of relief, right? Arya said it was all too much. So why was she feeling so upset now? The upside…the quarantine has to end some time right? Or maybe this is the right time to go after her dream wedding, not the one that was causing her more dread than happiness.

Faced with a pandemic, Steve really wants to help – and Tony does too…but he’s immuno-compromised. When the two have different ideas for the best method, they’re faced with a stark truth…Steve could lose Tony. Is that something he could survive? 

Conversing From Our Balconies
When Arya is stuck in quarantine, she ‘meets’ someone across the balcony – what she couldn’t expect was the impact they’d have on one another in a short time. Being stuck in your apartment for almost a month stinks, but it’s made less terrible when someone interesting is in your line of vision. 

Stay the F Home
When Bucky goes off on a rant about safety and the coronavirus, Tony is impressed. He loves an angry Bucky. Tony also appreciates it, because the pandemic doesn’t mean smooth sailing for all of them. There are lives on the line…so if you don’t have to be out…well, stay the f home.

Did you enjoy these fanfic stories? What are you watching and reading during the quarantine? Share it with us, below.

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