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    5 Forbidden Lover Fanfiction Stories for Twilight Fans

    Within the Twilight realm, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan had a forbidden love dynamic from day one. A vampire and a human…one blood thirsty and the other, well, seemingly an all you can eat buffet. Their dynamic could have been all wrong, but it was also all right.

    The push and pull of their mind vs heart should very well have send them running away from one another.

    However, fans of Twilight know the pair got their happy ending, despite every odd being stacked against them. So it’s sort of a give-in that those of us who love Twilight like a good ‘forbidden lovers’ story.

    The great thing about the fanfiction realm is that we get a slew of reasons behind that forbidden love – and with different characters.

    Is their love forbidden because one is otherworldly? Do they not belong together because of social standing or families that have been feuding for centuries? The possibilities are endless.

    Here’s to love – even when there are some obstacles standing in the way – or when it’s downright forbidden.

    Guilty as Sin by (Taste of the Forbidden II Contest)

    When a judge working a divorce case happens upon…interesting information about one of the involved parties, his interest is piqued. He shouldn’t cross the line – he can’t, but when an opportunity presents itself, he’d be denying himself a great pleasure if he ignored it. Will a meeting between Edward and Ms. Swan give him the (sexual) experience of a lifetime?

    The American Princess by BitterHarpy

    In this story, Edward Cullen is supposed to marry a woman to fit into his society. He’s royal and he has a mold to fit into. What happens when the girl who grabs his attention is an American actress? Will he follow his heart, or do what is expected of him?

    Diamond in the Rough by MissLiss15

    Edward and Bella knew one another in high school, although he was the bad boy and she was out of his realm of conquests. She secretely hoped things would be different – but high school isn’t in the wish granting business. When Bella returns home, will Edward see her in a different light? If he does, will Bella wish those bad boy days were behind him?

    Just One Night by (Taste for the Forbidden Contest)

    Edward wants ‘just one night’ with a woman he knows he can’t have. This isn’t just a case of ‘she’s out of my league’ – this is a case of something much more involved. The woman Edward has forbidden feelings for is his wife’s younger sister. So will he act on those feelings for one night and if he does – what on earth happens in the morning?

    Fringe Benefits by (Taste of the Forbidden II Contest)

    When Bella agrees to add babysitting to her already busy summer – she’s totally motivated by preparing financially for school. She expects to be busy, she expects to have her patience tested, and she expects to spend a lot of time not having any for herself. What she doesn’t expect is Edward…the older and married man she can’t resist.

    Did we include a fic that was already a favorite of yours? Did we share any new ones you’ve quickly fallen in love with? Let us know.

    5 Forbidden Lover Fanfiction Stories for Twilight Fans

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