Two Two One Bravo Baker

by abundantlyqueer

John / Sherlock
Word Count
Action, Romance

Author's Summary

Captain John Watson of 40 Commando, the Royal Marines, is assigned to protect and assist Sherlock Holmes as he investigates what appears to be a simple war atrocity in Afghanistan. An intense attraction ignites between the two men as they uncover a conspiracy that threatens everything they’ve ever known, but Sherlock is as much hunted as hunter, and everyone close to him is in deadly danger. Can he solve the case in time to save himself and John?


We love fanfictions that have true novel-length plots of their own, separate from the canon story but vital in pushing the relationships forward.If that plot can contribute to character development as well? We’ll squee for days about it. This fic is so well researched and its setting so beautifully established that it has a whole universe of its own now, with fan works being created to play with its setting/characters/world. Go down that rabbit hole here:


Decent – Sherlock is OOC in this one but John Watson is in perfect BAMF form. This feels like the story of John Watson, still enlisted, meeting a very different genius.




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