The Road Less Traveled at the End of the Line

by NarutoRox

Bucky / Tony
Word Count
Angst, Romance

Author's Summary

To say Steve is surprised to wake up haunting his loved ones after sinking his plane into the ocean would be an understatement. To say he enjoys it would be just plain cruel.For starters, there’s the ‘minor’ problem of said loved ones being unable to see or hear him, which is bad enough. Things only get worse when he finds out Bucky is alive, but held prisoner by the very people he and Steve had fought against, leaving Steve to watch as HYDRA slowly tries to unmake his best friend. Then there’s Tony, Howard’s genius son, whom Steve loves dearly and may or may not be a little protective of after watching him grow up under Howard’s less-than-stellar care.Steve doesn’t know if they keep him sane or drive him crazy, but he does know that Bucky and Tony are the two most important people in his world. He also doesn’t know if it would make his life easier if they knew each other or not, but it doesn’t matter; they’ve never met, are on opposite sides of the world, and other than being cared about by Steve, have nothing else to do with each other.Until Tony is kidnapped by the Ten Rings…and HYDRA thaws Bucky for a mission… And Steve decides it’s about time these two met.


This fic accomplishes the seemingly impossible: to take a premise that's almost entirely dark and make it uplifting, humorous, and engaging - without undermining the tragedy of it all. Wonderfully well done.


Great - Ah but the Winter Soldier is endlessly endearing in all his silence and confusion, engaging with Dum-E, assassinating cheese and slowly inch-by-inch recovering Bucky Barnes. And ahh, but the power trip inherent in that!




Hopeful, Powertrip