[WIP]The Men Who Talked Between the Words

by Odamaki

John / Sherlock
Word Count
Character Study, Romance

Author's Summary

John expected to be a father some day; he expected to have the house, and the wife and the nice suburban job. Sherlock never expected to have children, in part because he never expected to make it past 30. As it turns out, you don't get a choice. Crammed into Baker Street with a baby, John struggles with single-parenthood and his own fears, while Sherlock treads the fine line between doing too little and saying too much.


This one is stunning. It's depiction of parenthood is remarkably accurate and relentless. If you're looking for a epic length slowburn that takes on John's trauma and truly lets him heal, grow, and fall in love again, this is the fic for you. It's a Work In Progress but it's broken up into many sections with a few interludes to help create distinctions between them, and many sections could stand beautifully on their own.


Spot On - Absolutely impeccable characterization, from Sherlock to Mrs. Hudson to the growing baby in their arms.




Mournful, Hopeful