Memoranda of Understanding

by mydwynter

Mycroft / Lestrade
Word Count

Author's Summary

"Well. I'm flattered and insulted. Just another afternoon with Mycroft Holmes.""I do so like to be consistent."There were any number of reasons why this was a terrible idea—not the least of which was that Mycroft seemed to think that making Greg angry amounted to a sort of charm.


This fic shows Lestrade and Mycroft in the backdrop of Sherlock's cases, revealing all of the quick moments we can only see hinted at in the show. The dialogue is witty and even better - the fic starts without even a friendship or trust established between the two men. The sex starts quick - mind this one's explicit ratings y'all - but we're calling it a slowburn all the same, because the true relationship between them crawls forward, cautious and uncomfortable and beautiful. If you're looking for a fic that shows Mycroft and Lestrade come together despite all their dignity, harsh facades, and work, this is the fic for you.


Mycroft is nervous, brilliant, and so very calculating. Greg is smart enough to guess what he's going to do and get out of the way, and temperamental enough not to bother. Brilliant, funny, and endearing characterization!