Conflict of Interest

by Amethystina

Bucky / Tony
Word Count

Author's Summary

The Winter Soldier always completes his missions. He is a well-trained asset that flawlessly follows orders and never breaks protocol. But when he is instructed to assassinate Tony Stark, things get complicated. The Asset is set to observe his mark before acting, hired as Mr. Stark's bodyguard in order to get close to the man.But what happens when the Asset gets too close? His orders contradict one another, one requiring violence and the other that he protects his mark. The Asset doesn't know which one takes priority, but his instincts tell him not to harm Mr. Stark.How is he supposed to kill someone he so desperately wants to protect?


Ah but this one is gripping in a quiet way - you watch the Asset slowly struggle with his mission, constantly on the fence for which way he'll fall, and his indecision is the only thing keeping Tony Stark alive.


Great - The Winter Soldier stays in the mindset of The Asset for an usually long time in this fic - performing his mission, attempting to blend in, and waiting. It builds suspense in wonderfully unique fashion and is in-character in a fabulously intriguing way.




Intriguing, Gripping