A Further Sea

by i-ship-an-armada (eosborn)

John / Sherlock
Word Count
Action, Romance

Author's Summary

Here be a tale of adventure for both body and soul, but beware if ye be not of stout heart, for this be piratelock, ya savvy? Luckless ship’s surgeon John Watson takes a chance, and finds himself eye to eye with The Ghost, the scourge of the seven seas and a definite thorn in the side of the blaggard, James Moriarty. But when John finds there’s more to this most cunning pirate than be meetin’ the eye, he has to choose–is it a pirate’s life for him?


This fic gets extra kudos for its consistent, enchanting setting. It’s not perfectly historically accurate – so if you’re a stickler for the common procedures for ships meeting at sea or the like, ye be warned, but it’s deeply researched and paints a believable, detailed world. The historical inaccuracies read like deliberate choices for the sake of better storytelling, and it achieves its goals! Sherlock, Molly and Lestrade are OOC enough to make this feel at times like an original novel – and a great one. Keep in mind, this fic is only available on A03 to members.


Good – John is stalwart, brave, and taciturn; an excellent depiction of John Watson, ship’s doctor. There are strongly depicted, interesting characters in this fic – though some a little different from the canon men or women you might expect.




Exhilarating, Powertrip