дезинформация – Chronological Order

by Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar)

Bucky / Tony
Word Count
Fluff, Romance

Author's Summary

Bucky had only known Anthony Edward Stark for a few hours before he found himself compelled to share a secret that had been eating him alive since he began to once again reclaim the right to his own thoughts and feelings.Post-Winter Soldier, Bucky is living with the Avengers, attempting to cope with his past, and falls in love with Tony Stark in the process of finding his way back to himself. If you enjoy the story, it is recommended you subscribe, as installments are not posted on a regular schedule, but new content arrives frequently.


The use of JARVIS in this fic to connect Bucky and Tony is unique and revealing of them both and it allows Bucky to turn the tables on occasion and become the one to help Tony Stark deal on his own bad days.


Spot On - This is a kickass portrayal of Bucky's mental state and recovery; brittle and damaged without seeming weak-willed or self-pitying in the least.