Fanfiction Writing Masterclass

Discover A Step-By-Step Method To Writing Great Fanfiction That Brings Your Idea Bursting To Life…

allowing you to confidently take your beloved characters on fascinating new journeys no one else would be able to write.


Writing Fanfiction Can Be Incredibly Exciting & Fulfilling… But It Can Also Be Overwhelming & Maybe a Bit Scary Too!

  • Are you struggling to weave your ideas into a cohesive plot?
  • Worried you are not building sufficient excitement and interest in your story?
  • Having trouble fleshing out particular characters?
  • Need help getting your readers more emotionally engaged?
  • Building an enticing setting for your story?
  • Unsure how to narrate your story for maximum beauty, impact, and squee?

We’re here to help!

Click on the link below to take advantage of our early enrollment pricing — this course will never be this inexpensive ever again!

Let Me Pause Here to Tell You a Little More About Myself…

My name is Gwen. 🙂

I’ve been writing fanfiction for over 10 years now. I have fanfictions with over 1000 reviews, 2000 favs, and over a million views.

On the professional side, I’ve been published in a science fiction anthology that grew to be the # 1 bestselling Science Fiction anthology on Amazon and I self-published a work that landed in the top 25% of earnings for an author’s most recent novel. 

For this course, I drew upon my own personal writing experience and I also researched techniques and styles of storytelling outside of traditional writing mores.

I combined classes on literature, prose, poetry, musicology, cinematography, comic book writing, television programming, copy writing, improv comedy and psychology so that I could really focus on the trends of human storytelling to create fanfiction-specific techniques.

Your ideas are valuable to our community! We want them to exist and we want to make expressing them an amazing experience for you!

No fanfiction should go unwritten or uncompleted due to writer’s block or feelings of being overwhelmed … or even a little afraid.

Writing can – and should be – fun and approachable for everyone!

We’ve made it our job to break down those terrifying, discouraging, and chaotic feelings that we all get at different times and replace them with practical tools, a growth mindset, the wisdom of hundreds of years of creative writing, and a hefty dose of pure encouragement.

In our new class, you’ll receive a step-by-step blueprint to story creation that will allow you to identify and achieve your goals like never before.

And the most important part?

We’ll focus on your goals. This class works with you to develop the artistic flexibility and trend-breaking attitude that makes fanfiction such a phenomenal genre to work with.

We’ll give you the structure to focus your creativity, understand the story decisions you’re making, and bring out the very best from your idea!




Story Decisions






Narration & Editing

Whatever stories you have bubbling up inside you…

The Fanfiction Writing Masterclass Can Help You Turn Your Writing Dreams into Reality

The truth is, most writing classes don’t make it much easier to write.

Not emotionally and not practically.

Some even make it scarier with peer review and public readings.

We know there’s a better way. We’ve seen it in a dozen different crafts.

What if creative writing could be like learning how to paint by number? Or crochet with a pattern?

One step at a time with a structure to guide you?

Fanfiction itself gives you a pattern to work off of – plots and settings and characters to make your own.

That’s why we believe fanfiction is the best writing teacher in the world.

We wanted to take fanfiction a step further, to draw from the educational methods of cinematography, comic art, miniature painting, textile crafting, musicology and more, to create a class that teaches writing as a craft, building discrete skills with a focus on guidance, enjoyment, and creative freedom. It’s taken years but we think we’ve finally managed it.

This masterclass takes the overwhelming nature of writing a story and breaks it down into a series of simple steps that anyone can accomplish. Your fear will ease and in no time you’ll have a fanfiction story that you can be very proud of.

This class works at your pace with YOUR ideas and shows you how to take the trends and techniques underlying your favorite fanfictions and make them work for you.

Introducing the Fanfiction Writing Masterclass

This is your chance to learn the underlying structures and techniques of fanfiction writing that will allow you to bring your story to life!

In this class you will:

  • Advance your knowledge of fanfiction-specific writing trends, techniques, and tricks
  • Improve your writing by reading fanfiction, learning how to identify other writers’ plot structures, narrative techniques, and tackled challenges
  • Learn how to write highly-polished fanfictions that not only get readers involved in your story but will also have them clamoring for more
  • Learn how to avoid potential pitfalls before they occur and how to avoid costly story-killing mistakes
  • Access a writing community with a shared vocabulary, allowing for more fruitful and fun brainstorming sessions, questions, and conversations

There’s no better way to learn to write and participate in your favorite fandom than writing fanfiction!

And there’s no easier way to get started writing fanfiction than with this course!


Here’s a Closer Look at All That It Covers

Module 1


You’ll learn how the 20 most common fanfiction plot structures  are built – what readers expect from them and how they’re structured – so you can apply them to your fanfiction. Including plot structures found nowhere outside of fanfiction!

It’s like downloading your story’s whole backbone!

Module 2

Story Decisions

You’ll establish your general goals for your fanfiction – such as how you want your reader to feel, what you want them to experience, and the basics of how you’ll get there. This section applies research in literature, cinematography, musicology, and psychology to answer questions like:

What do different points of view change for people emotionally?

What gets people on-the-edge-of-their-seat interested in something?

What makes us care about something even if it’s fictional?

This is where we start reaching outside of traditional writing curriculum to answer your most pressing questions.

Module 3


You’ll learn how to apply your new knowledge of reader interest and emotional engagement to character building. This module applies improv comedy techniques and psychological research on establishing human interactions, interests, values, and emotions to answer questions like:

What do we know about our closest friends but not our neighbors?

What makes us relate to someone else’s emotions?

What makes people care about something enough to risk their life for it?

We’ll immediately apply those lessons to fictional characterization, to flesh out our canon characters and introduce our own.

What makes us feel at home?

What makes us so excited about Hogwarts or the starship Enterprise?

What makes us feel like a fictional place is real?

Module 4


You’ll learn how to build a setting that readers fall in love with like it’s a character of its own. We’ll work with canon and original settings to make sure that you can put your characters into any castle, spaceship, or desert landscape you can come up with and have us bond to it like it’s a home of our own. We’ll answer questions like:

What makes us feel at home?

What makes us so excited about Hogwarts or the starship Enterprise?

What makes us feel like a fictional place is real?

Module 5

Narration and Editing

You’ll learn 10 basic sentence types and how they can help make your story both highly engaging and easily readable. This module applies personal research in original literature and fanfiction to break down narration into a series of accessible choices.  It answers questions like:

What do most scenes do in their first five sentences?

What sentence types make up most fanfiction scenes?

What does it mean if my scene feels _____?

This module brings it all together, helping you create and polish your story scene-by-scene and sentence-by-sentence to ensure you achieve your goals.

Here’s What You Get:

Immediate Access to Video Lessons!

Each module is filled with valuable video lessons that will show you how to write at your very best. Lessons cover everything from plot development to characterization, from setting building to editing your story, and everything in between.  Each video is tailored to fanfiction writing, using fanfiction as its topic, its reference material, its examples, and its goals.

Immediate Access to Course Materials! 

We’ve also included a reference library filled with workbook materials, activities and transcripts. These materials will be valuable references that you can turn to whenever you have a question or want to learn new fanfiction writing techniques.

Immediate Access to the Fanfiction Writing Masterclass Community   

You’ll have exclusive access to our course forums, private to our students, where you’ll be able to ask questions and interact with our program members who share your interests and goals. These members are eager to encourage and support you and to offer additional assistance as you strive to write your fanfiction. Don’t underestimate the value of a shared vocabulary and mutual goals! Take advantage of the best part of fanfiction writing: You can make friendships that last a lifetime!

One More Thing About the Fanfiction Writing Masterclass:

This class intentionally does NOT require any peer review or writing submissions!

We did this to cut down on performance anxiety and fear of criticism for new writers and students. You are certainly free to share your work with our experts and other students but you are under no obligation to do so!

Only in the Fanfiction Writing Masterclass Will You Learn:

  • How to read other fanfictions to easily identify what you like about a certain story and what you’d prefer and then apply what you have learned to make your own writing meet your goals!
  • How to create a full story from an idea step by step – you won’t have to feel overwhelmed or uncertain or fearful, just follow the steps to complete a great story
  • How to break writing down into fundamental goals and challenges and then accomplish each one so that you quickly fulfill your ultimate dream of writing fanfiction
  • How to develop an attention-grabbing plot – we’ll show you how other writers have done it in their stories and how you can use the same structures in your story … we’ve also included handy worksheets to help guide you and make the whole process simpler!
  • How to flesh out your characters, including how to pick particular traits to add – plus, how to introduce those traits in your story
  • What really drives reader interest and how to choose from a list of options you can use to build reader engagement in any story
  • Little known but highly effective techniques you can use to emotionally engage with a particular character or to believably build up a character’s emotions within your story
  • Little known but highly effective techniques you can use to emotionally engage with a particular character or to believably build up a character’s emotions within your story
  • How to simplify the difficult decision of what type of narration to use – we’ll carefully guide you to making the best decision for your story
  • How to take what you ended up with in your writing and edit it so that you get what you always intended – you’ll also learn how to delve into your negative feelings about a particular section of your writing, narrow down the problem to its source and then improve the finished product

You won’t find a course like this one anywhere else…

This is a course that’s designed specifically for fanfiction writers so that you can learn the tips and techniques you need to create excellent fanfiction stories!

The Truth is Fanfiction is One of the Most Effective Ways to Learn Creative Writing!

And this course is the most effective way to learn fanfiction writing!

This course gives you a blueprint that will allow you to practice every element of writing without having to do all of them at once.  By enrolling in this course and writing fanfiction, you can:

  • Play in a world and with characters that your audience already loves as much as you do. It is an enthusiastic and beautiful way to connect with people who love the things you love!
  • Publish chapter by chapter – getting feedback and encouragement and building relationships with your readers throughout the writing process! (Remember you don’t have to share your writing if you don’t want to)
  • Gain a deeper level of creativity by avoiding all forms of gatekeeping. This course creates a safe space to break cultural norms in writing, make fringe pieces and encourage writing for niche markets that would not pass publication gatekeepers. The publication freedom fanfiction offers is unheard of and fundamentally important to shifting creative writing norms!

Plus, remember fanfiction allows you to participate in a vibrant community with a shared enthusiasm — which gives you the opportunity to receive feedback and create meaningful relationships with your readers in a way that’s not offered by traditional publication!

So Are You Ready to Start Writing Great Fanfiction?

We want to start writing with you! But we’re not yet done editing the class videos.

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We’ve Helped Over 7,000 Writers With Our Courses!

Here are comments from a few of the many that we have helped:

“I think that you’re doing an amazing job for all the wannabe writers out there!”

“The concept you were trying to explain was illustrated in such a simple manner, yet it was masterfully done. It showed you all you needed to know to introduce characters, but did not confuse you with complex details. Overall, this course seems extremely promising. Thank you for creating it!”

“Your fanfiction writing course was very helpful for me. I have been trying to write a novel for a very long time and your course helped me in that as well.”

“Your course is amazing, I keep going back to it for recommendations.”

“Thanks for your help! Now I know how to write a fanfiction and I have lots of fans. Thanks!”

“First of all thank you for creating a platform for beginners in writing like me. The honest and positive reviews I got really motivated me. All thanks to you.”

“Hello! I was pretty new to Fanfiction when I signed up for the course. I didn’t really think much about it until the first ‘lesson’ came. I hung onto every word, and decided to apply it to my fanfics. I reread them a few times, and used the techniques and strategies when I wrote any sort of story. I’m aspiring to become an author in my near future, and these lessons have helped me prosper as a writer. After I used all the strategies, one of my fanfics got over 5K reads, and I was really surprised and thankful!”

“Hello! I was pretty new to Fanfiction when I signed up for the course. I didn’t really think much about it until the first ‘lesson’ came. I hung onto every word, and decided to apply it to my fanfics. I reread them a few times, and used the techniques and strategies when I wrote any sort of story. I’m aspiring to become an author in my near future, and these lessons have helped me prosper as a writer. After I used all the strategies, one of my fanfics got over 5K reads, and I was really surprised and thankful!”

“The lessons that were offered helped me enormously. Suddenly it was easier to write scenes, to imagine them and bring suspension and romance in it. I loved it! It helped me in the way other bloggers couldn’t and still can’t.”

We Are Confident We Can Help You Improve as a Fanfiction Writer As Well

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  • $99.99 after module 5 is released

We have valued this course at $150 so the $99.99 price is still a heck of a value … We’re doing that because this class is still in its Beta period. We want to gather more feedback and iterate slowly on the class to perfect it before we release it at its full price.

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As far as we know, this is the only fanfiction-specific writing course that uses fanfiction as its topic, its references, and its examples. Many of the lessons in this course have been applied from other mediums and cannot be found in any other writing class in the world.

We’re so excited to share it with you!

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With Our Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee, You’ve Got Nothing to Lose!

It’s important to us that you love theFanfiction Writing Masterclass. To ensure that you experience the best writing education we can create, we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the class, let us know and we will refund your money, in full.

All we ask if that you give us feedback on what we could do to make the class better for the students that come after you!

We don’t think we can be any fairer than that. Either get the information you need to write terrific fanfiction or get your purchase price back!

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do I need to take your classes?

None. This class is designed to work from the ground up.

Can I actually learn to write better through fanfiction?

Absolutely. In fact, we believe fanfiction is a better writing teacher than any other method in the world. It gives you the scaffolding you need to take on big ideas and succeed with them, working from an established, steady base. 

What if I’m not sure what story I want to write?

No problem! Our class will help you determine exactly that! We really do mean it when we say we work from the ground up!

How much work do I need to submit for critique?

None! Absolutely none. It’s a basic tenant of our teaching that forcing peer review is a bad idea and keeps many anxious and new writers from pursuing writing as a hobby.

Do I have to read other people’s work?

Nope! As fanfiction writers, we love reading fanfiction and highly encourage it, but our students are never required to read others work nor submit their own. 

Is there really anything in this course that I couldn’t find online for free?

Yes. We highly encourage you to go out and do your own research on storytelling trends and writing methods! That said, we created this course because we couldn’t find anyone teaching fanfictionwriting methods and techniques. Our content was invented by us, applying known writing techniques to fanfiction as a genre. 

During the launch am I buying the full course?

Yes! We have discounted the price for the full course during the launch period. You’ll get the cheapest pricing by buying the class before it is fully launched. As each module is released, the price for the course will rise. The lower early-access price you will be paying is for the FULL course with LIFETIME access to all its modules and future updates!


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