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    Enjoy a Sweet Treat with 6 Twilight Fanfiction One-Shots

    While we love reading lengthy fanfiction, there’s something extra sweet about one-shots. There’s nothing better than sitting down to read with a cup of coffee and tuning out the hustle and bustle of the world for a little while.

    There are genres upon genres of fanfiction that you can get lost in for a little while – one of our favorites is Twilight. We love revisiting Bella and Edward, the entire vampire clan, and the coolest werewolves around.

    So today, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite wine and satisfy your sweet tooth with these Twilight fanfiction one-shots.

    Explanations by whitereflections12

    This one-shot is not just a sweet father and daughter moment, it touches on a theme that was prevalent in the Twilight universe that was key to a central character. Rosalie longed for portions of her human life that were no longer tangible. Edward accuses Rosalie of this in the fic and Renessme overhears an argument between the two. The sweet father-daughter moments that ensue are heartwarming.

    Christmas Don’t Be Late by justaskalice

    This fic is something we can all relate to from time to time. While Christmas is our absolute favorite, we’ve been guilty of being a little…Grinchy from time to time. Bella isn’t in the mood for Christmas (songs, treats, joy, etc) but Edward has other plans. We recommend reading this one with hot cocoa in your favorite holiday mug – okay, we know it’s only October, but if you wanna enjoy the holidays early this year – we’re certainly not judging you for it.

    Two in the Morning by enamors

    When Edward has a craving for breakfast food at two in the morning, he stumbles upon an unfamiliar face in his kitchen. Will the two bond over a shared love for pancakes? Will the meeting between them lead to awkward encounters and the kind of kiss you dream about? Well…you’ll have to read this one to find out!

    140 Characters or Less by suebee1609

    When a patron at a coffee shop Tweets a terrible blind date, he gets a little more than he bargained for. Bella is set up by a friend and immediately regrets saying yes, and she’s not the only one getting bad vibes from the whole thing. When she’s made aware that someone is tweeting about her experience – she decides to respond. What happens next?

    Just Yesterday by solostintwilight

    A sweet one-shot from Charlie’s POV on the day he gives his daughter away to Edward. This one is short and sweet and something many parents must wrestle with when their children take that next big step.

    Glory of Love by lvtwilight09

    When Bella finds out she’s pregnant, she feels many emotions. Of course, as the pregnancy wasn’t planned – one of them is fear. What does this mean for her future, what does it mean for Edward’s future? What does this mean for the two of them in this next chapter of life?

    Did you enjoy these stories? Do you love reading one-shots to unwind as much as we do? Let us know!

    Enjoy a Sweet Treat with 6  Twilight Fanfiction One-Shots

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