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Enchanting Holiday Harry Potter Stories to Read This Week

We love the Wizarding World for all of its magic, mystery, and the wonderful characters that exist within it. We also love it for what that magical space and those characters bring to parts of the ‘muggle’ realm that we often enjoy. From Holidays and celebrations to relationships and milestones – it’s all a little more special with our favorite wizards involved. One holiday we like to read about associated with the Wizarding World is Christmas.

The halls would be decked with snowflakes and snowmen, the students would drink cocoa and warm cider while listening to carols, and they’d use their magic to skip the (sometimes taxing) task of wrapping gifts.

While we’re a couple of months ahead of the ‘Christmas’ season, we’ve been digging into some holiday-themed stories and they’ve warmed our hearts. So in 2020, when we could all use a little more heart-warming, we’re sharing these stories with you early.

Christmas Coffee and More by Elena

We love reading about different ships in the Harry Potter universe, and one we didn’t often visit before is one that’s growing on us lately – Ginny and Draco. In this one-shot, Ginny goes to get some Malfoy Coffee and ends up with a lot more than she bargained for. It’s not a deep dive into romance – rather a sweet look into the possibility of a future between Draco and Ginny with some Christmas magic sprinkled in.

The Twelve Days of Christmas by cherry_pop94

A series of Christmas stories that see the next-generation at Hogwarts. Each ‘day’ follows a different Potter/Weasley during the holiday season. From photos with Santa and seasonal treats to snowmen and forts – these sweet one-shots give us a look into Hogwarts on a level we’re not usually privy to. They’re simple, well written, glances into a familiar type of joy we all feel around the holidays.

A Christmas Vow by Alexannah

In a way similar to that of A Christmas Story, Severus is visited by a ghost hell-bent on ensuring he sees the error of his ways when it comes to his treatment of Harry Potter. Who is the ghost? Lily, of course, and while she’s certainly upset – she’s also there to prove to Severus that Harry needs him…even if it’s hard for both of them to see it.

Christmas Biscuits by sbmcneil

While some are fond of Christmas traditions, others are slower in recognizing their value. While something as simple as Christmas biscuits might not immediately release an exciting and joyous emotion – when paired with the right partner, it can be the perfect Christmas tradition. Sirius brings Harry and Ginny together to bake and it’s all really…sweet.

Christmas Magic by Sarah_Bee

The light left George’s eyes (and soul) when his twin died – everyone knows it. When George is seen around town, when he’s dodging loved ones, when he’s merely existing – he’s grey and heartbroken. What will it take to bring life back to George? What will it take to bring him back to love?

Here’s to the joy that the holidays bring, and spending an evening drifting into the magical Harry Potter universe to enjoy them. Let us know what Christmas fics you love reading below.

Enchanting Holiday Harry Potter Stories to Read This Week

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