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    6 Delightful Halloween Themed Twilight Fanfics to Read This Weekend

    With the most spooktacular time of the year finally here, we’ve been diving into a lot of Halloween themed fanfiction. We love seeing how Halloween changes for each universe, but there are some that seem to go hand in hand with the season without even trying. One of those fandom universes is Twilight.

    The vampires and werewolves and the grey overcast that seems to haunt Forks already sets the mood, so throwing in the holiday’s edge make the stories even more enjoyable.

    So today, we’ve put together a few of our favorite Halloween fics for you to enjoy. So light your favorite pumpkin candles, set some purple and orange lighting, and enjoy these stories!

    The Halloween Fair by JeskaWood

    Alice’s older brother is home for a long weekend which just so happens to be that of Halloween. Bella gets talked into hanging out with the group – even though a cold Halloween fair isn’t really her thing. What is her thing, she discovers, is Edward Cullen. So, Happy Halloween to Bella. (mature content).

    Out of Time – A Halloween Love Story by DiniaSteel

    This story sees Bella and Edward come together once a year – on a special holiday – Halloween. There are no vampires and werewolves unless of course, they’re costumes on the children who trick or treat. So why did we include this one? It was a pleasant surprise to read. Edward and Bella are both human, both longing for a time when things can go right…whatever that means. When the time comes, which versions of themselves end up together?

    Trickery by TricksAndTreatsContest

    When we said spooktacular, this is what we were talking about. This fanfic is heavier on the spook, less on the lighthearted nature of the holiday. When Bella is targeted by a gang of creatures, survival isn’t guaranteed. Is it all a harmless prank or is something more sinister bubbling beneath the surface?

    A Very Vampy Halloween by nicekittyrawr, StupidLeeches

    This mature fanfiction sees Renesmee and Jake as they get ready to go to a Halloween party with their friends. This year, Renesmee decided to go a little sexier with her costume idea and it’s causing Jake to show a side of himself he rarely does. What will happen when he loses control? Will what’s written in the stars finally be tangible?

    Things That Go Bump In The Night by TricksAndTreatsContest

    Bella and Edward have feelings for one another, but they’ve never quite admitted that out loud. When it seems as if time is taking them further and further apart, a Halloween tradition brings them closer than ever. What happens when you come face to face with everything you’ve ever wanted on a Halloween hayride? (mature content)

    Battle As Old As Time by TrickAndTreatsContest

    This fic sees Edward and Bella as witches instead of vampires, and sort of gives us Sabrina vibes. While the fic starts off with Edward and Bella hooking up, she soon realizes that there are issues more pressing at hand. Like that witch thing we mentioned? Bella wasn’t really aware she was one, or that the man she just gave herself to is one too…but more evil. What happens next? You’ll have to read to find out. (mature content)

    Did we include a new favorite fic for you? Do you have any must-reads for this spooky season? Let us know.

    6 Delightful Halloween Themed Twilight Fanfics to Read This Weekend

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