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    5 Bella and Carlisle Fanfiction Stories You Won’t Want to Stop Reading

    For fans of Twilight, the fanfiction realm gives space for ships not found within the original books and films to exist. Edward can be paired with Alice or Jacob. Bella could be matched with Emmett or Rosalie. The list goes on and on. Some of the pairings still exist almost seamlessly within Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight Universe while others put a bigger spin on the origin story. One of those pairings is that of Bella and Carlisle.

    Bella fell in love with Edward fast, but what if he hadn’t been the one to steal her heart? What if Carlisle and Bella had the quick connection she shared with Edward? What if the pair shared a slow burn connection? How would the story change, and how would we as fans, change with it?

    We can’t answer all of those questions, but we can recommend some wonderful fanfiction that highlights the bond between Carlisle and Bella! So sit back, grab a glass of your favorite drink, and enjoy these stories this week!

    Silent and Evergreen by TheOneWhoStayed

    When Bella is diagnosed with an incurable blood disorder, Dr. Cullen sees something in her that just might be worth ‘saving’. Of course, we’ve all seen Twilight and know Carlisle’s version of saving might not be for everyone, but it seems to work out when it comes to Bella. This mentor type plot story works well for Carlisle and Bella, and there are cute quirks of Bella’s personality in this fic that make it easy to see why he falls for her. It’s a one-shot, and a bit fairytale-esque. You’ll enjoy the read!

    Use Somebody by Lis123

    After the mishap (is that an understatement, or what?) at Bella’s party, Edward knows he’s got to get away. Putting her in danger is never something he’s been okay with, no matter how often he seems to think he’s doing it. Bella is strong, though, and isn’t afraid – she’s not afraid because she knows these people – these vampires, won’t hurt her. So when Carlisle sticks around to ensure that Bella is okay, he ends up forming a bond with her that neither of them expected. What happens when that bond turns romantic? Does Edward stay away for good or will he come back to a situation he never anticipated? You’ll have to read to find out.

    Moonlit by StormDragonfly

    This fanfiction will make you rethink everything you love about Twilight – in a good way. It’s a love story between Bella and Carlisle and it’s unexpected for both of them. Sometimes, the most beautiful things come from those unexpected encounters. Sometimes the crush we shouldn’t have turns into the love we never imagined. That’s the story here, and it’s a beautiful one. There are many parts of growing up – both mentally and physically – that play into Bella and Carlisle coming together, and it’s a coming of age romance in a sense. This is a must read for all Twilight fans, and we have a feeling it’ll strike something within you that you weren’t expecting.

    Not All Wounds are Healed by Time by irishgirl686

    In this fanfic, Bella is left shattered after Edward leaves. A loss she thinks might ruin her life, a loss she can’t shoulder the weight of alone. Then…she realizes she doesn’t have to. It starts off slowly at first, Carlisle is there for Bella in the times she needs it most – what it turns into is something neither of them expected.

    Mistake of Fate by astarte-lydianna

    In this Jane Austen inspired fic, Bella finds herself face to face with Carlisle Cullen and her curiosity is something he’s not familiar in dealing with. Will her quest, and her need for his assistance, lead them to a path that will hurt them both? Will they find love down a road they shouldn’t be traveling upon? Will they face The Volturi and tell the tale?

    What Bella and Carlisle fanfiction did you most enjoy reading today? What story is a new favorite of yours to add to a growing collection? Share with us below!

    5 Bella and Carlisle Fanfiction Stories You Won\'t Want to Stop Reading

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