The Avengers

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    The Avengers Fanfic Recommendations

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    14 thoughts on “The Avengers – Marvel Cinematic Universe”

    1. Why no other characters besides Steve, Tony, Bucky, Clint, and the occasional Natasha or Bruce? Come on, you’re missing out on some Loki goodness. Come on, no superfamily? Where is my boi Peter? No Clietro? And come on, you literally forgot The God of Thunder. Thruce is like my otp right now. Look, two white guys is kind of a stupid trope with a marvel cinematic universe that is only getting more diverse with every single movie that’s released.
      Not trying to complain, but just trying to be helpful.
      Wakanda Forever,

      1. If only there were more hours in the day!! Thanks for the comment and enthusiasm! We definitely want to expand this list into many, many other ships – we just can’t do it all at once [I so wish we could]. I promise we’ll get better in time, we’re still so young of a website! – Ronnie

    2. Some of my favorites are on Wattpad by Spiderlad. She’s working on an entire series, called the Hero of Heroes. Each one is about a different Marvel character, minor or major, and features either a platonic or romantic relationship between them and an original character. There’s 35 books, six of which are completed. She updates the rest regularly.

      1. Our lists are primarily intended to help new readers get started with fanfiction – we’ve found that new readers don’t get as excited by original characters so for now, we don’t include them in our major rec lists. We may make a blog post about them one day though, so thanks for the suggestion! – Ronnie

    3. So I noticed that some of the fics that had Steve and Tony as the ship have “Stane/Tony” in the ship category. It would be great if you could change that because it nearly made me stop reading that fic until I realised that the pairing was Steve/Tony.

    4. Why there is not a category for Loki? I know he is not part of the Avengers, but common, he basically unite them. Have you seen Ao3. There are 40.000 stories on him, it wouldn’t kill you to take a look

    5. Hi, really enjoyed a bunch of these fics, great list! Not sure if you are aware but quite a few seem to have been accidentally tagged Stane/Tony instead of Steve/Tony 🙂

    6. I’m just branching out into the Avengers fanfic realm, but the first series I read was fantastic, and I’d like to recommend it for your page: It’s called “‘Til the End of the Line,” by ohstars, and it’s wonderful. I cried several times. It’s till a WIP, but there are 4 complete fics in the series so far, and I would highly recommend. 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for sharing! Is the author still actively working on it? We don’t generally recommend WIP unless there’s a rare scenario where a WIP has arcs that are considered “complete stories” in themselves. How would you classify this piece?

        Either way, we’ll probably read it just for fun :). Cheers! -Ronnie