The Avengers

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The Avengers Fanfic Recommendations

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6 thoughts on “The Avengers – Marvel Cinematic Universe”

  1. Why there is not a category for Loki? I know he is not part of the Avengers, but common, he basically unite them. Have you seen Ao3. There are 40.000 stories on him, it wouldn’t kill you to take a look

  2. Hi, really enjoyed a bunch of these fics, great list! Not sure if you are aware but quite a few seem to have been accidentally tagged Stane/Tony instead of Steve/Tony 🙂

  3. I’m just branching out into the Avengers fanfic realm, but the first series I read was fantastic, and I’d like to recommend it for your page: It’s called “‘Til the End of the Line,” by ohstars, and it’s wonderful. I cried several times. It’s till a WIP, but there are 4 complete fics in the series so far, and I would highly recommend. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! Is the author still actively working on it? We don’t generally recommend WIP unless there’s a rare scenario where a WIP has arcs that are considered “complete stories” in themselves. How would you classify this piece?

      Either way, we’ll probably read it just for fun :). Cheers! -Ronnie