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    6 Incredible Wedding Fanfiction Stories for Twilight Lovers

    There’s something about the days getting longer, birds chirping, and sunlight warming the world after winter that makes us feel a little giddy. That same giddy feeling often leads people to feeling romantic, as well. It’s in Spring, after all, where colors are brighter and love seems sweeter.

    Maybe that’s why so many people think of the season as a wonderful time to celebrate love, and get married!

    Spring signals renewal, awakening, and light. It’s the time life is breathed back into all of us, and Earth celebrates in so many beautiful ways. Flowers bloom, birds and butterflies find themselves in our gardens, and we’re all a little happier – a little warmer.

    So today, we wanted to share some Twilight fanfiction with you in the form of stories that have to do with weddings! What’s better than reading about some of your favorite Twilight couples on their big day, or on the road to marriage and in their lives together after?

    Isn’t there something quite magical about love finding a way?

    So sit back, grab a bright mug and dream of those warmer days right around the corner – and how often love finds itself there.

    The Life of a Wedding Photographer by Discordia81

    This fic is wedding-focused in a bit of a different sense. Edward falls in love with Bella, who is a wedding photographer, and her career is taking flight. Getting to capture love every day should be a blessing, so it’s suspicious that someone seems to be causing problems when Bella should be at her happiest. Will they find out who the culprit is? Will Bella, who photographs happily ever after all the time finally get that fairytale ending of her own?

    You May Now Kiss The Bride by vjgm

    What happens when your prankster brother ends up being the minster at your wedding? This fic gives us a look at just that situation! When Emmett is the minister at Edward and Bella’s wedding, well…it’s easy to expect he’d have some tricks up his sleeve. So does he live up to his humorous ways, or is this a glimpse into the softer side of Emmett?

    Edward’s Wedding (his POV) by drgnfly23

    This fic is a look at the wedding of the century from Edward’s POV instead. It begins on the night of the Bachelor party and ends on their honeymoon. You’ll laugh, you’ll get teared up at the emotion, and you’ll fall a little bit more in love with a story that stole our hearts so many years ago!

    Turning Page by TwistingTwilight

    Bella is getting married, so she should be excited, right? She should be counting down the days until her big day. She should be thrilled and picturing a little slice of heaven – so why do all of her visions of the big day seem like something she’s done before…but can’t quite remember?

    Our Wedding by emmettroselover

    Another couple we love to read about is Rosalie and Emmett. This story is just the kind of sweet romance they deserve. While their love isn’t always loud and scene stealing – the way they care for one another is truly something magical. After things calm down in the Twilight realm, Rosalie and Emmett decide to get married again, and it’s a celebration of all they’ve been through, and what they’ve got to look forward to in the future.

    Kingdom of Hearts by MissDawsonHadleyRivers

    This one shot is a look at the wedding of Alice and Jasper. While their love story wasn’t the highlight of the Twilight Saga, it was such a sweet and pure relationship, we love that we can discover more of it in the fanfiction realm. Instead of planning a wedding for someone else, Alice gets her dream wedding in this fic – to her dream guy.

    Which stories are you most excited to read? Did we list one that was already a favorite of yours? Let us know!

    6 Incredible Wedding Fanfiction Stories for Twilight Lovers

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