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6 Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories for Remus and Tonks Fans

Remus and Tonks were one of the couples in the Harry Potter realm that we always wish we’d just seen more of. Their love was one for the ages. Remus never thought he would find love – he was certain it would never be his. Tonks loved him, not because she felt obligated, but because it came naturally.

We never got deep looks into their love, so the fanfiction realm is a place for fans of the pair to truly get something we never did before. We get stories focused on the two, fanfiction that describes first meetings – silly dates, marriages, etc. We get stories where they survived the war and went on to raise children. We get to see their life together…exist.

We’re feeling a little bit like diving into what could have been…and even what should have been this weekend. So here are 6 stories for the Remus and Tonks fan.

On First Impressions by cafei_au_lei

Have you ever been wrong about a first impression? Has someone important in your life ever been someone you had to give a second chance to? When Tonks first meets Remus, she’s not impressed…however, after readers are made privy to a series of moments shared between them, it’s clear that feelings start to change.

Every Moon Wanes by manno_malfoy

This story sees Tonks and Remus form a relationship despite what some others may have to say or think about the union. As her father retold the ‘fairytale’ story of how he met and fell in love with her mother, he reminded her of a specific phrase. “Just because some people think something is wrong, doesn’t mean it is.” That phrase will help Tonks through many parts of her life, and her own romance.

Drive by DobbyMinerva

You know how they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions? Well, the road to true love is never smooth. Okay, so maybe those things have nothing in common – or maybe they’re more closely tied together than you think. As Remus takes his own journey through falling in love – he realizes that he’s in for more than he bargained for.

Halo by Emcnary

Have you ever felt like you might not deserve the heart that yours most longs for? In this story, Remus comes face to face with some heavy emotions and fears that who (and what) he is will be what keeps him away from the girl he loves forever. Those fears end up hurting both Remus and Tonks…will they be able to overcome the hurdles and end up together?

The Talk, Or: The (Lighthearted) Trauma of Teddy R. Lupin by cafei_au_lei

In this fic, Remus and Tonks both survived and they’ve been able to happily raise their son together. The story is less about their love but after you read it, you’ll understand why we had to include it. While mom is away, Remus and Teddy spend some time together and that time leads them to a conversation that comes as a rite of passage. Although…it’s not a rite that Teddy is very excited to experience. Be ready to feel for both dad and son, and to laugh quite a bit when reading this fic.

Live Right For The Moment by lunarlumos

This one-shot was written for a ‘one moment’ challenge and it’s a sweet story. When you read stories about getting married, both parties are usually quite nervous. In this one, Remus is feeling butterflies flying all around in his stomach while Tonks is cool, collected, and confident. Remus thinks she deserves more than he can give her…Tonks is just happy to be living life with her best friend.

Did we include a favorite story of yours? Do you like reading fanfiction about their romance and what could have been? Let us know!

6 Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories for Remus and Tonks Fans

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