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    6 Bold Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories That Worked

    When it comes to fanfiction, there are stories for every type of reader. For the ‘general’ fandom centered reader, for the specific fandom centered reader, for the reader who wants more of their favorite characters to the reader who wants to explore new ones.

    From The Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill to Game Of Thrones and Riverdale – there’s fanfiction for any ‘pop culture’ gem you could be obsessed with. Trust us, we’re obsessed with a lot, and we’ve found fanfiction for just about all of it.

    In the Harry Potter realm of fanfiction specifically, there are certain ‘genres’, if you will, of stories that readers expect to find. Stories about magic, the ‘golden trio’, the marauders, and Snape and Lily – just to name a few.

    While some of our favorite fics come from that ‘expected’ category, others are the pleasant surprises we come across that we weren’t expecting at all.

    Today, we’re looking at those unexpected/unique fanfiction stories and sharing a few of our favorites with you.

    Here’s to creativity!

    6 Bold Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories That Worked


    Tea And No Sympathy by who_la_hoop

    While this fic isn’t a crossover, it does give us major Groundhog Day vibes.

    Draco is stuck in a recurring 24 hour period and it’s all that horrible Harry Potter’s fault.

    What does Draco do with the same 24 hours over and over again? He makes the most of it, of course. He uses every single day to be different, to do something different, to be someone different.

    Who wouldn’t use the same day to test out different personality traits? To embrace different parts of the reality you’ve known and to jump into new ones without the fear of something terrible altering everything forever?

    What he doesn’t realize, at first, is that no matter what persona he takes on, he’s falling for Harry Potter. Suddenly, 24 hours doesn’t seem like long enough.

    Storm In A Teacup by Faith Wood

    This fic is summed up as Draco obsessed with Harry Potter’s hair. Now, we have to admit that even when we first read the books and watched the films, Drarry was one of those ‘ships’ that we could see potential with if this were different or that changed a little.

    That’s why we’ve always loved the pairing in fanfiction. There are stories that are canon compliant and stories that are totally AU where Draco and Harry just fit together.

    This is one of those stories, and perhaps our favorite part of it is the nervous, vulnerable, and smitten Draco whenever Harry is near. Especially when he just means to fix Harry’s distracting hair and ends up…removing something quite important instead.

    The Standard You Walk Past by bafflinghaze

    We recommended this one recently, but when we thought about a fic we didn’t expect that actually really impressed us, we had to add this one.

    Draco and Harry went back to Hogwarts for their 8th year and McGonagall decided to put them in the same room.

    While this isn’t exactly an unexpected storyline, the way this fic reads is so good and so unique that it’s hard to stop once you’ve started.

    Harry has a ‘sleepwalking’ thing which starts as sort of a sleep murmuring/screaming thing and Draco is there to help him.

    At first, that help comes from a place of hesitation, but it doesn’t take long for it to become second nature. It’s not just because it’s what Draco thinks his mom would like, either, even if that’s what he tries to convince himself more than once.

    We’re absolutely here for Draco really helping Harry, so many stories have it the other way around.


    Steve And The Barkeep by Runaway Deviant

    We wanted to add some crossover fanfiction too, and maybe it’s because we’re also massive Marvel fans, but these next stories just seemed to be incredible Harry Potter and Avenger fanfiction.

    Steve is all about keeping his very specific groove. He’s not boring by any means, but he knows what he likes and why fix something that isn’t broken, right? One of those things he likes is doing the right thing, as any good fan of Steve Rogers knows.

    When he sees an opportunity to make sure a kid is keeping on the right path, he follows it. What happens next is an encounter with a barkeep different than anyone Steve has met before.

    Of course, antics ensue from there and you’ll find yourself laughing as you really fall in love with the characters in this story. They all hold traits to their original parts (Tony, Steve, Harry, Pepper, Fury, etc) but the author took a bit of creative freedom with them too.

    If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if your favorite wizard ran into your favorite superheroes, this fic is for you.

    Of Wizards And Heroes by storyforsomeone

    We love this fic for a number of reasons, and while it’s sort of our job to recommend stories to you and let you know what you’ll be getting into before you read them, we’re going to stay vague on this and hope you understand why.

    First, the story mixes two of our favorite things – Harry Potter and the Avengers.

    Next is the way this author writes is simply brilliant. The characterization, the plot, the interactions, the attention to detail – all of it is handled so incredibly well.

    Last, we’ll tell you a little bit about what to expect, we aren’t that cruel.

    Harry Potter is, as the author writes, a legend…a story. In fact, we got some major Winter Soldier vibes from the description of this story. If you’re a Marvel fan, going into it with that ‘idea’ around Harry will make the story even more fitting.

    When he ends up hurled into a different universe, well…that universe is full of heroes and villains. How will their stories mix?

    Harry Potter And The Obnoxious Genius by TheRogueHuntress

    When we think of Tony Stark and of Harry Potter, we think of characters who believe in what they believe in with all of who they are. This can make them characters you root for or characters you find yourself getting a bit…annoyed by.

    More often than not, Tony and Harry are two of our favorite pop culture characters across the board, and while they have similar traits, there are circumstances where it’s easy to see how crazy they’d drive one another.

    That’s the basis of this fic, Harry and Tony are partnered up as Harry’s new assignment is protecting Tony. You’ll see them annoyed by one another, enjoying the company of the other (without first realizing it), and maybe you’ll see a little more, too.

    6 Bold Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories That Worked

    The term ‘bold’ is definitely one of those words that can mean different things to different people. For us…when we think bold we think ideas that we weren’t expecting, and there were parts of each of the stories above that made us excited about the unexpected.

    Isn’t that the best part of reading anything, especially fanfiction?

    Did we list any of your favorite unique Harry Potter fanfiction stories? Did we miss any we need to read immediately? Let us know.

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      1. There should be one here that I hope you guys see. It’s called Casting Moonshadows by Moonsign. It’s an amazing read and it’s set during the maruders era.