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    5 Supernatural Valentine’s Day Themed Fanfiction Stories to Enjoy This Week

    Tis the season to be jolly…no…that’s not it. How about…tis the season for romance? That sounds more like it. We may still technically be in January, but the month is coming to a close and we all know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

    So it’s time for love…and all that jazz.

    We don’t usually wait until Valentine’s Day to read Valentine’s Day themed fanfic, but we certainly highlight it this time of year. To be honest, there are a number of times through the year when we just want to be surrounded with a little extra love.

    So these fics are all about love. Not all of it is romantic, some of it is a little smutty, and some highlights the love we have for our family and friends. You don’t have to be in a relationship to appreciate what Valentine’s Day means.

    In the Supernatural realm, there are many ways love can be celebrated – even though it’s not the first series you may think of when you think of romantic fics. That’s part of the appeal, actually – the many layers of relationships that allow love to exist.

    So today, we’re sharing some of our favorite Valentine’s Day fics.

    Loved You Then, Love You Now by gidgit

    It’s Valentine’s Day in the Supernatural realm – a time for romance and love, right? Leave it up to Dean and Cas to find the most heartwarming way to spend their day – going on a hunt. It is, after all, the Supernatural fandom. Would you expect any less? Oh – and there’s smut.

    Valentine’s Day by chaosangel214

    When Castiel needs to make Valentine’s Day special for Dean, he knows just who to ask for help! When he reaches out to Sam, he’s excited immediately – perhaps because he’s sick of all the tension they have. Instead of going the store-bought route, he recommends making something from the heart. Wanna know how that goes? Read and find out!

    Happy Friggin Valentine’s Day by lambkins

    The author note for this fic is what drew us in immediately – it’s something we feel like we’d say about a fic we wrote and enjoyed as much as we didn’t understand. They’re not sure exactly what to call this fic, but they know it’s some fluffy romance – and that it is. Dean doesn’t really love Valentine’s Day and Cas doesn’t really get the keys to romance – so here they go…figuring it out together.

    Valentine’s Day Blues by Selecasharp

    Ever feel like what can go wrong…will? That’s sort of the premise of this fic. Dean wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day…but he soon finds out his brother is sick. Instead of going out and finding someone to sweep off their feet – he goes out to grab a few items to help Sam. An encounter takes place there, and it turns out he might just get lucky after all – after he takes care of his brother.

    Blood and Chocolate by Akira of the Twilight

    So this one may not be your ‘typical’ Valentine’s Day fanfic, but it totally works – especially within the Supernatural fandom. When mysterious deaths happen in romantic relationships, Dean and Sam are called to investigate. Will they be able to figure out what’s causing partners to suddenly snap?

    Have you read any of these Supernatural Valentine’s Day fanfiction stories before? If not, did you fall in love with any of them like we did? Let us know!

    5 Supernatural Valentine\'s Day Themed Fanfiction Stories to Enjoy This Week

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