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5 Draco and Harry Fluffy Fanfiction Stories

One of our favorite couples to read about in any fanfiction realm is Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. The pair, while vastly different, have similarities that can bring them together quite beautifully.

Within Rowling’s universe, Harry and Draco were enemies far more often than they were friends. In fact, friends may seem too kind of a term to call whatever plane they were able to co-exist on. They were able to find a place of understanding later in life after everything between them transpired.

In the fanfiction world, Harry and Draco are often written about as more than friends. The tension that existed between them in the books and films make it easy to write great enemies to lovers stories or even run of the mill falling in love stories with them being stubborn about it one way or another.

So this week, we’ve put together 5 stories for our Drarry loving readers – and you just might find a little (or a lot) of smut in each one of them.

His Real Trophy by Jukala_0097

This one-shot shows Draco very nervous about Harry after he takes part in the first task of the Triwizard Games. The stunt Harry pulls trying to win the challenge is enough to knock the wind out of Draco’s lungs. Later on, Harry tries to sweet up to his boyfriend and reminds him that winning is important – but Draco will always be his favorite trophy.

Less Thinking, More Kissing by RiceandSeaweed

This story starts off with two stubborn boys, but the walls they’ve built to keep the other out start crumbling before they even realize it. When Harry finds himself in Draco’s room, drinking truth tea, they sort of find a common ground. From there…brick by brick…they reveal themselves to each other, and their true feelings shine through.

Carpe Noctem by AOkay

This story sees Draco and Harry fall for one another among many trials and tribulations – most often happening to Draco. The author even laughs and promises it’s not a ‘sick-fic’. Draco does end up needing some healing through the story, but it just allows Harry to jump in and make him feel better.

Drown In You by Lauraurie

Draco and Harry deal with understanding their feelings for one another and fighting their own urges to keep those feelings under wraps. They’ll feel on top of the world and they’ll struggle with fights and disagreements – it’s a coming of age/romance story that you’ll absolutely enjoy very much.

Quaffles and Waffles by LittleSixx

Harry spends the afternoon reveling in two things he enjoys more than he should – waffles and Draco. The waffles, they’re great but the blonde boy…that’s what Harry truly desires – and the feeling is mutual. This one-shot is a fun, light-hearted read for fans of the pair.

Do you enjoy reading Drarry stories? Do you like fanfic that makes them overcome a struggle or do you prefer romance from beginning to end? Let us know!

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