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5 Dark and Mysterious Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories

Not all fanfiction is meant to be romantic and fairytale-esque. Some of the best fanfiction is actually written with dark and mysterious undertones. Writers take characters and storylines we love and make them something else – or highlight pieces that would otherwise be left in the shadows.

The Harry Potter realm has many characters and storylines that could be taken and turned into something mysterious. It’s the magic and the evil that lurk just around the corner that helps create the canvas for these fanfics to take flight.

So here are some Harry Potter fanfiction stories that aren’t all sunshine and rainbows for anyone who needs to dive into an emotional story this week!

Maggots by Oregonian

With the Carrow’s reigning horror over Hogwarts, what should be a delightful Halloween feast becomes another look at the terror our favorite characters from Hogwarts are up against. This one-shot is a look into the year Hogwarts seemingly lost the light and magic…and it’s done so with a beautiful show of symbolism.

Sins of the Past by star_lite84

Can you destroy evil without becoming evil? That question roots this story and leads readers down a path they won’t initially expect to find. When deaths start happening, almost routinely, there’s only one person to blame…right? Or could the “guilty” party just be accused because of their name?

Through The Veil by shadowkat

When Sirius realizes that his time has come – he has a decision to make. Does he stay, or does he let go? What hearts will be broken depending on the choice he makes? On the other hand, what joy exists when the decision is made?

Murder on the Hogwarts Express by Violet Gryfindor

This murder-mystery plot is going to keep you guessing. Who did it, how…why? It’s also going to make it impossible to read anything else until you’ve finished this story. So be prepared to set aside your responsibilities until you’ve reached the end of this twisted tale!

Little Black Crosses by wolfgirl17

Trigger warning for PTSD and abuse (both mentally and physically). If this isn’t a story you can read, feel free to dig into the first four and skip this one.

Life was never easy for Blaise…it was unfair and unkind. The weight he carries on his shoulders is heavy and can be debilitating. When he finds a companion who wants to make his life easier – he isn’t sure how to handle that. He’s certain it won’t ever happen.

This was a one-shot written with a specific prompt in mind, so there’s no happy ending to be found – but that’s the point of this small rec list.

Do you enjoy reading stories without happy endings, do you like your fanfic to have mysterious and dark elements? Share with us, below!

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