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    5 Covid-19 Fanfiction Stories to Read While Continuing Your State of Quarantine

    While we’re continuing to navigate life in quarantine, we’re spending more time than ever with fanfiction. It’s the type of story that you can look at as an old friend. Something dependable, something that makes you feel better, something that helps you make sense of what seems unsensible.

    A pandemic seems unsensible. Of course, we read about them in history, we’ve seen what they can do to civilization, but we can’t say we ever expected to experience one ourselves.

    So as we navigate what this means, we’re trying to find something sort of routine. We’re trying to find a way to spread a little bit of what’s helping keep us sane and feeling like ourselves during this time. That’s why we want to share these fanfics with you.

    So today, we hope you find a piece of yourselves in these stories. Read them and tune the rest of the world out. Dive into fanfiction and let it consume you.

    Avengers PSAs: Covid 19 Pandemic Response
    This series of one-shots is written from a fan who is simply hoping the world listens to Steve Rogers – and honestly…aren’t we all? The Avengers are urging people to take the pandemic seriously, and who better to listen to than our favorite heroes?

    Love in the Time of Covid
    This story is reminiscent of ‘Seeking A Friend for the End of the World’, but it’s in the Star Wars realm. Specifically concerning Rey and Kylo Ren. It’s a lengthy story (that’s almost complete) and a rather one great to read with a glass of wine to calm down with at the end of the day. Rey happens upon a handsome stranger as she’s on her way to quarantine in her grandpa’s cabin – and he might be just what she didn’t know she was looking for. 

    Oh Take Me Back to the Start
    We’re suckers for a Draco and Harry story, so when we saw this one, we jumped in quickly. It’s not really a story about COVID-19, but that’s fine. Sometimes stepping away from it for a moment is what you need. This one-shot is just a cute little story where Draco and Harry don’t quite…fall into love at first sight, but they might be soulmates anyway.

    Stay Here
    This one-shot shows John and Sherlock during day 9 of quarantine…when a panic attack ensues. It’s sort of exactly what we needed to read right now. It’s totally normal for your anxiety to be higher than usual right now, and understanding that you’re not alone in that is comforting. 

    The Quarantine Log of Dr. John H. Watson
    This journal-style fanfiction tells of John and Sherlock navigating quarantine through John’s eyes. There are pieces of dialogue thrown in as well, showing the thoughts they’re both having and how they’re trying to comfort one another during the trying time.

    What fanfic are you reading right now? Let us know in the comments below.

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