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Explore it, transform it, revel in it, and create more of it for someone else to love.

Fanfiction harnesses all the joy and energy that comes from finding a new favorite television show, a new book, a new song and channels.

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Christmas is a time for joy, fanfiction and movies. Harry potter movies, harry potter fanfiction and a hogwarts rendition of christmas carols. We know everyone has a potterhead in their life, so why not check out theese 5 amazing gifts for the harry potter fan in your life. #harrypotter #christmas #christmasgifts

5 Harry Potter Christmas Gifts For The Potterhead In Your Life

If you’re anything like us, chances are, you’ve been celebrating Christmas since the day after Halloween. The aforementioned holidays are our favorite, so we sort of turn them into…seasons…if you will. We start decorating for ...

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This time of the year always makes us turn to the harry potter movies. Harry Potter gives us amazing fanfiction, an Incredible harry potter fandom, harry potter novels to snuggle up and read and more! What's your favourite harry potter fanfiction story? We'd love to know below! Here's 6 reason why we're thankful for harry potter!

6 Reasons We’re Thankful for Harry Potter

There’s something unexplainably special about this time of year, it brings people closer together. No matter what differences stand between us, we find ourselves connecting over love, thankfulness, kindness, and a general compassion to spread k...

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We love HP fanfiction that grips is and leaves us wanting more... but sometimes we just want a quick fix. In these Harry Potter Fanfiction stories you can indulge in drarry, hermione, ron or dramione stories in under an hour. What's your favourite genre of fanfiction from the harry potter fandom? #Harrypotter #fanfiction #harrypotterfanfiction

4 Of The Most Intense Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories You Can Read In An Hour

One of the brilliant things about fanfiction stories is that you can find one to fit every single mood you may be in. Need a great laugh? There’s a fanfiction for that. Are you in the mood to cry? There’s a fanfiction for that. Are you ha...

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