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Fanfiction is one of the most natural expressions of creativity. See a piece of art you love?

Explore it, transform it, revel in it, and create more of it for someone else to love.

Fanfiction harnesses all the joy and energy that comes from finding a new favorite television show, a new book, a new song and channels.

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Looking for great Sherlock Sportfics? Learning how to write something of your own? Check out our blog for specialized rec lists and fanfiction-based writing tips, news, and more!

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5 Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories to Read During The Cornavirus (COVID-19) Quarantine

5 Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories to Read During The Cornavirus (COVID-19) Quarantine

If you’re anything like us, right now – everything going on in the world seems a little overwhelming. We’re stuck in isolation, some officially quarantined, and others are trying to make sense of what’s going on while trying to stay s...

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6 Bold Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories That Worked

When it comes to fanfiction, there are stories for every type of reader. For the ‘general’ fandom centered reader, for the specific fandom centered reader, for the reader who wants more of their favorite characters to the reader who wants...

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7 Breathtaking Works of Fanfiction That Are Timeless

If you ask any reader, any lover of literature, there are a few books that will always be seen as ‘timeless’. For fans of literature, there are always a few works that will be seen as ‘timeless’. For some, it’s The Great...

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