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Fanfiction harnesses all the joy and energy that comes from finding a new favorite television show, a new book, a new song and channels.

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the Harry Potter Memes are real in this article, get your favourite dank memes about the potter universe all stuffed into one hilarious article. If HP Memes are your idea of a great friday night, apply within for a selection of epic fanfiction memes.

17 ‘Wicked’ Memes Ron Would Totally Send to Harry

If you can remember back to the days of AOL Instant Messaging and Hi5 or other websites where you could talk to your friends ‘electronically’, well…you’re one of us. We used to have to work really hard to send funny pictures o...

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Harry Potter is coming to netflix! here at fanfiction recommendations you'll already know we're potter addicts. So what better way to give us new harry potter fanfiction inspiration than by chowing down on the potter franchise in netflix. #Harrypotter

We’re Celebrating Harry Potter Coming to Netflix By Looking Back at Our Favourite Scenes of The Series

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, we think it goes without saying that you’ve been rejoicing the big Netflix news. Of course, fans own every film at least once, (there are the copies you watch and the ones you still haven’t opened) b...

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we love Harry Potter, especially those heart-wrenching moments, that leave us in tears. We dive into the Harry Potter fandoms favourite moments from the harry potter books and harry potter movies! Want more Potter content? Check out our site for the latest in harry potter fanfiction stories!

7 Crushingly Beautiful Harry Potter Moments That’ll Make You Ugly Cry

If you ask fans of Harry Potter to describe the books and films in just one word, we’d guess a pretty all-encompassing one would be emotional. Sure…the Harry Potter realm is full of magic, wonder, and hope – however, it’s also...

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