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The World Needs Fanfiction…

Fanfiction is one of the most natural expressions of creativity. See a piece of art you love?

Explore it, transform it, revel in it, and create more of it for someone else to love.

Fanfiction harnesses all the joy and energy that comes from finding a new favorite television show, a new book, a new song and channels.

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Looking for great Sherlock Sportfics? Learning how to write something of your own? Check out our blog for specialized rec lists and fanfiction-based writing tips, news, and more!

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Forbidden Lover Fanfiction for Twilight Fans

Within the Twilight realm, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan had a forbidden love dynamic from day one. A vampire and a human…one blood thirsty and the other, well, seemingly an all you can eat buffet. Their dynamic could have been all wrong, but it...

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Mysterious Twilight Fanfiction to Get Lost in This Week

Who loves a good mystery story? We know we do, and it’s even better when we find a great one in the fanfiction realm. We love crime stories and podcasts that tell stories of the truly mysterious and mysteries that exist just beyond ‘reali...

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The Best Twilight Fanfiction We’re Reading This Week

If you’re anything like us, after a long day – you just want to put on some comfy clothes, grab a glass of wine, and dive into a wonderfully written but not too lengthy fanfiction. There are definitely times we want to start novella-lengt...

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